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Abhijit Bichukale Made A Homophobic Comment On Rajiv Adatia & Here’s Why We Hold The Makers Responsible

The makers have surely embraced a no holds barred approach for Bigg Boss 15. Randomly, new twists are being introduced in the show every other week. The contestants are breaking rules left, right, and centre. Even the eliminations follow no logic and gharwalas are being evicted at the makers’ and contestants’ whims. Basically, everything appears to be pure chaos and if that was not enough, they have now introduced a bunch of very problematic contestants to the volatile mix. 

We could smell the trouble the day we realised that Rakhi Sawant and Abhijit Bichukale will be staying together in the Bigg Boss 15 house. And while these two appear pretty fine with one another, they are surely making the rest uncomfortable with their problematic comments and antics. Just earlier this week, Rakhi Swant left us fuming with her homophobic comments on Rajiv Adatia. Sadly, even when he tried to raise his problem to Rashami Desai, she dismissed it with a smirk and said that Rakhi does all of this in masti. Well, if you were to ask us, Rajiv should have called out both of them right then and there. High chances that they would not have understood his concern but at least that would have put an end to it for once and for all. Also, it would have discouraged Abhijit Bichukale from saying what he did in last night’s episode. 


Yesterday, Nishant Bhat was seen calling Abhijit out for his homophobia and how he had compared himself to Rajiv and said “main poora mard hun.” The latter tried to cover it up with illogical explanations but he reeked of homophobia throughout the conversation. According to us, this is a problem way bigger than all the hinsa that has been happening this season and we hold makers responsible for it all. Here’s why:

You Are Part Of The Problem. Don’t You See?

Most Bigg Boss episodes are generally edited excerpts from two different days. There is just so much that happens in 48 hours. And yet if it is these incidences of homophobia that end up in the episode then that speaks a lot about the makers. This is a sensitive topic that is not being navigated in the house with the kind of care and consideration that it requires. This is why we feel that it is highly insensitive on the makers’ part to keep airing these comments and conversations on TV. In this season, this is easily the third time that we are witnessing something like this and it is not okay at all. 


Do You Understand How Triggering It Can Be For Some Viewers?

You gotta be really off-track to assume that everyone watching one of the top-viewed reality shows in India is cis-het. But hey, it is even worse if you are not assuming so and still airing all that you do. If you can’t change an ill so prevalent in Indian society please do us a favour and don’t make it worse. Also, can you be a little considerate and think of how triggering this can be for a gay person who might have had some horrible encounter with people such as Abhijit?

Have. A. Filter.

Bigg Boss 13 was a mega-hit, right? From what we can recollect, none of the top three contestants (and entertainers) in the show ever made any homophobic or transphobic jokes on anyone. Last season’s winner, Rubina Dilaik, called out two transphobic contestants who were evicted in the initial weeks itself owing to a lack of votes. Clearly, no one wants to watch these problematic people. Then what is the point of constantly roping them in for the show? Why can’t you have a basic filtering process? Tejasswi Prakash does not even talk to Abhijit and she could easily tell that he is homophobic. Why was it so difficult for the makers? Or maybe they knew exactly who they were getting on board and deliberately did it for the drama. 


Lastly, dear makers, are you sure that it is 2021? ‘Coz we could place you in the dark age and no one would suspect. As for those making these homophobic comments, they should be locked in a room, given rigorous lessons, and only allowed to come out when they show some progress.

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03 Dec 2021

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