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Not Cool! Rakhi Sawant Made A Homophobic Comment About Rajiv Adatia & We Are Infuriated

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 30, 2021
Not Cool! Rakhi Sawant Made A Homophobic Comment About Rajiv Adatia & We Are Infuriated


Things are turning messier day by day in the Bigg Boss 15, and we are honestly worried! Recently, the makers decided to bring back some popular stars from the BB universe to add some tadka in the house. Bigg Boss’ OG wifey Rakhi Sawant has entered the show with her husband Ritesh, and created a ruckus. 

While we loved Rakhi in season 14, this time her antics have left us outraged! In the latest episode, the actress got into a fight with social media influencer Rajiv Adatia. It all started when Rakhi ordered Rajiv to not work with the kitchen team and demanded that he must listen to her as she is a VIP. Later, she accused him of spitting in the food while cooking. A furious Rajiv bashed Rakhi for her statement and said, “Gandi baat bol rahe ho aap (you are talking dirty).” 

Rakhi replied, “Main VIP hoon, main bolungi! (I am VIP and I will say that).” Later when Rajiv made tea, the Bigg Boss 14 star called him a derogatory homophobic word.

Rajiv later complained about Rakhi’s behaviour to Rashami Desai and Umar Riaz. Shockingly, the Uttran actress tried to defend Rakhi and said that she only says this stuff for entertainment.

There are so many things to unpack here! It is not justified in any way to make a comment on a person’s sexuality. Rakhi’s remarks were derogatory and we really hope that the makers take some action against her. 

While we get Rakhi has entered the season as VIP, but that doesn’t mean she can get away with anything. Fights are an everyday business in the BB house but there are certain lines that you just don’t cross! Moreover, Rashami’s response to this incident was equally upsetting. Instead of calling out Rakhi for her problematic statement, the Dil Se Dil Tak actress tried to justify it. Not cool at all!

Honestly, we really hope someone schools Rakhi about how to not be a bully in the house! It is almost 2022, there is no justification for homophobic statements.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram