15 Waterfalls In Goa You Must Visit If You’re Looking For Some Calm And Serenity

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Nov 25, 2021
Waterfalls in goa


When you think of Goa, the first thing that comes to your mind is beaches, right? Yes, Goa has some really amazing beaches that are worth visiting, but that’s not all. Besides the sun and sand and the raging nightlife, this famous tourist spot also has some marvellous waterfalls that you just can’t miss! For your ease, we have narrowed down some of the best waterfalls in Goa that you can visit them on your next trip.

Best Waterfalls In Goa

Goa is gifted with extraordinary natural beauty. The beaches, lush green forests, gurgling rivers and cascading waterfalls- there are numerous places in Goa that you can visit if you just want to bask in the beauty of nature. You’ll find some of the most magnificent waterfalls in Goa that will leave you mesmerized. Here’s a list of the best waterfalls in Goa that you must visit on your next trip.

Dudhsagar Falls

Instagram – Dudhsagar Falls – Waterfalls in goa

Dudhsagar Falls is among the most popular waterfalls not just in Goa, but all over India! It is India’s fifth tallest waterfall with a height of 310 metres. Dudhsagar literally translates to ‘sea of milk’ and it is really apt as the gushing water gives the appearance of a cascade of milk. This waterfall in Goa is surrounded by lush greenery and the awe-inspiring landscape is worth marvelling over! You may have seen Dudhsagar falls in the film Chennai Express. It is a must visit during peak monsoon season when the cascading waterfall is in its full glory.

Distance from Panaji: 60km

Arvalem Waterfalls

Instagram -Arvalem Waterfalls – best waterfall in goa

Arvalem waterfall, located near Sanquelim village, is the perfect spot if you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate. A stream of water gushing down from a height of 50 metres, this waterfall in Goa creates a pool at the bottom where people can enjoy swimming. Apart from the waterfall, you can also visit the Arvalem rock-cut caves and Rudreshwar temple that are also in close proximity. 

Distance from Panaji: 32 km

 Kalsa Waterfall

Instagram – Kalsa Waterfall  in goa

Kalsa waterfall is nestled in the Kankubi forest, and lies between the borders of Goa and Karnataka. What makes the trip to Kalsa waterfall so amazing is the hike to the falls! Guided treks are regularly organized throughout the year, and if you’re someone who loves adventure, you can also enjoy the trek from Kalsa to Sural Falls.

Amboli Waterfall

Instagram – Amboli Waterfall -best waterfall in goa

The Amboli falls are among the most popular waterfalls in Goa, and it is located in the southernmost part of Maharashtra. This captivating waterfall is about 89 km from Panaji, and attracts tourists all year long. However, the best time to visit is during the peak monsoon season.  

Distance From Panaji: 89 km

 Hivre Waterfall

Instagram – Hivre Waterfall in goa

Hivre waterfall is located about 14km from the city of Valpoi in Goa. This waterfall in Goa is a great destination for not just nature lovers, but also for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. It requires trekking for about 30- 45 minutes, which can be a lot of fun if you’re visiting with your friends.

Distance from Panaji: 59km

Waterfalls In North Goa

Waterfalls usually attract tourists in large numbers, however, there are also numerous hidden waterfalls in Goa that are not known to a lot of tourists. North Goa has some popular waterfalls as well as hidden gems that you’ve gotta check out if you’re staying in the same area.

Twin Waterfalls (Borim Waterfalls)

Intsagram -Twin Waterfalls In North Goa

Borim waterfall in South Goa is also known as twin waterfalls owing to the two small cascading waterfalls adjacent to each other. It is located in the Shirshirem village, and is the perfect picnic spot if you’re looking to chill and relax for a day.

Distance from Panaji: 40km

Tambdi Surla Waterfall

Instagram -Tambdi Surla Waterfall – waterfalls in north goa

Tambdi Surla is among the most mesmerizing waterfalls in North Goa, and is located inside Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. While this waterfall in Goa is spectacular, it isn’t easy to access. A trek of about 90 minutes will take you to the magnificent wonder of nature! On the way, you can also see the ancient Tambdi Surla temple.

Distance from Panaji: 73km

Charavane Waterfall

Instagram -Charavane Waterfall – best waterfall in goa

If a calm and serene destination is what you had in mind, then Charavane waterfall would be perfect for you to visit! This is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in North Goa among tourists, and is nestled among the lush greenery of the Charavane village, located about 12km from Valpoi City. You’ll need to trek upwards for about 1.5km to reach this beautiful waterfall, but the view will be worth it!

Distance From Panaji: 58 km 

Pali Waterfall

Instagram -Pali Waterfall

Also known as the Shivling waterfall, this serene waterfall is located in Valpoi in Goa, and one has to trek through the Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary to arrive at this pristine waterfall. It is another hidden waterfall in Goa that isn’t very popular among tourists. The best time to visit the beautiful waterfall is during the monsoon season.

Distance From Panaji: 54 km

Karmalya Waterfall

Instagram -Karmalya Waterfall in North Goa

This waterfall in North Goa is also called ‘mini Amboli’ and is perfect for those who want to enjoy a calm and serene day by the falls. This is one of the hidden waterfalls in Goa, and while it is quite popular with the locals, it is unexplored by tourists. This waterfall is situated in Karmala village, and is a fun place to hang out with friends or family during monsoon season. However, this waterfall dries out during the summer, so make sure you visit it during monsoon and post-monsoon season.

Distance from Panaji:  28km

Waterfalls In South Goa

There are some mesmerizing waterfalls in South Goa that you can check out if that’s where you’re staying during your trip. Scroll ahead!

Kuske Waterfall

Instagram – Kuske Waterfall in South Goa

Tucked in the interior or the Cotigao Sanctuary, the Kuske Waterfall is a small waterfall in Goa, but a really beautiful one! It is nestled amidst lush green surroundings, and is a seasonal waterfall with water flowing during the monsoon season. A short walk of about 15 to 20 minutes will take you to this beautiful waterfall.

Distance from Panaji: 92km

Netravali Waterfall

Instagram – Netravali Waterfall In south Goa

Netravali waterfall, also known as Savari Falls, is nestled deep inside the Netravali Wildlife sanctuary. This picturesque waterfall is located amidst the dense forest, and you will have to undertake a trek of about 1km to reach this waterfall in Goa. Not just the waterfall, you’ll also enjoy the path leading to the waterfall if you’re a nature lover. The lush greenery and the beautiful views are unmissable!

Distance from Panaji: 82km

Mainapi Waterfall

Instagram – Mainapi Waterfallbest waterfall in south goa

Mainapi waterfall is another waterfall in Goa that is located inside the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a more secluded waterfall and a trek of over an hour through the sanctuary takes you to this gorgeous waterfall. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the waterfall, stand under the cascading falls or even enjoy a swim in the water at the base of the waterfall.

Distance from Panaji: 80km

Kesarval Waterfall

Instagram Kesarval Waterfall in goa

Here’s an offbeat place in Goa that you’re surely gonna love! Also known as Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall, it is located near the village of Cortalim. Apart from the breathtaking beauty of the falls and the scenic views, Kesarval spring is also known for its medicinal properties. It is said that the water of the spring has minerals that can heal ailments and have rejuvenating properties.

Distance from Panaji: 20km

Bamanbudo Waterfall

Instagram – Bamanbudo Waterfall waterfalls in south goa

Not a big fan of trekking? Bamanbudo waterfall is located just off the road, which means there’s no need for trekking to reach this beautiful waterfall in Goa. Here, you can not just enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, but can also safely bathe in the water at the base of the fall as the depth at the end is low. The best time to visit the waterfall would be post monsoon! 

Distance from Panaji: 85km

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While we are sure you must have visited the famous beaches in Goa, the next time you plan a visit, do take out some time to check out the waterfalls in Goa too! 

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