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Planning Your First Trip To Goa? Here’s Everything You Need To Pack For The Vacay!

Planning Your First Trip To Goa? Here’s Everything You Need To Pack For The Vacay!

Goa is one destination that strikes a chord with most Indians. If you live in Mumbai, Goa is the quickest weekend destination you can hop to when you need a change of scenery. If you live up north, Goa means beaches and that’s something most people love and don’t have easy access to. Goa has some of the most beautiful beaches in India and it’s also one of those places where the party never stops! South Goa is where you should be headed if you prefer some peace and quiet and North Goa is your party paradise. You’ll find tourists here from all over the world who come to lounge, recharge and rejuvenate. It’s one of those cities in India that gives off a very relaxed, laid back vibe. Now coming to a very important question that most women have, especially if it’s their first time in Goa – what are the things to carry while travelling to Goa?

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  1. What To Wear In Goa?

What To Wear In Goa?


The weather in Goa is pretty humid all year round. You definitely want to carry comfortable, breezy clothes. Like other parts of the country, Goa too has the same seasons but you will sweat more because of the proximity to the ocean. The monsoons get pretty extreme here and so do summers, but that is to be expected for any tropical destination. The vibe in Goa isn’t over the top, tourists and locals dress comfortably. Even if you’re going out to party, you could wear a simple outfit and you would still be perfectly welcome. So let’s get you all prepped for your vacay, shall we? Here’s everything you need if you’re planning a quick trip to Goa. 


Before we get to your clothing, the sun in Goa is strong and harsh. Prepare to get a gorgeous tan but please remember to slather on sunscreen to avoid sunburn and excessive skin damage. Goa can get pretty hot and humid, so if you have a tendency to sweat, there are some must have things to carry while travelling to goa, like a roll-on deodorant and a small perfume in your bag. It’ll keep you smelling fresh and bubbly all day.

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Bikinis, Monokinis and Bodysuits

Nothing says beach-ready quite like a bikini, right? I bet you are probably thinking if you could pull off a bikini or would you stand out and call for unnecessary attention. Most beaches in goa have tourists from all over the world who come to sunbathe. It’s a very comfortable environment for you to actually be able to wear a bikini in India without feeling out of place. Even if you’re not a bikini type of girl, you could try experimenting with a monokini or a bodysuit. Pair it with a sarong, a skirt, shorts or even a cute coverup dress!

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This sequined bodysuit will dress up any shorts, skirts or flared pants. Slip into this bedazzled bodysuit and you can go straight from the beach to a club without compromising on style.

This black one-piece swimsuit is a great choice if you don’t mind showing some skin. It’s got a lovely plunging neckline that’s going to show just the right amount of skin. Slip into a pair of shorts, throw on a sheer top and you’re ready to be a stunner at sea. 


Prefer a bikini to a one-piece? Slip into this bright blue Aztec-print swim set and flaunt that bikini body. The colours will bring out the warmth in your skin while the top is cute enough to be worn by itself, right?

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Being comfortable in Goa should be your first priority. Because of the humidity and well, of course, the BEACH, you absolutely need a cute pair of shorts. Besides, the best way to travel in Goa is by a scooter or a bike. You can rent one at every corner for a mere 100-400 bucks a day, depending on the season you visit. Shorts will not only help you be comfortable while in-transit and on the bike but they’re the perfect versatile piece of clothing too. You have SO many choices – denim shorts, cotton shorts, linen and other synthetic varieties. 

These powder blue denim shorts are great to take with you to Goa. They’ve got ample pockets to store your small knick-knacks and because the of the colour, they are pretty easy to style. Throw anything on and you can’t go wrong!

Crop Tops and T-shirts

What pairs best with shorts? It’s crop tops and t-shirts of course. Depending on your body structure and your fashion choices you can wear some pretty fun tees and tops with a pair of shorts. The way you style your shorts can take you from day to night in a place like Goa. Slip into a shimmery, glittery top and you’ll be ready to party.

This pretty blush-pink tee will make you look adorable without trying too hard. It’s got a relaxed fit or as we like to call it – the boyfriend fit. It’s just the right amounts of comfort you need while you lounge around on the beach or go hopping from shack to club.


If you prefer something that shows off just a little bit of your sexy midriff, this cropped shirt is a great choice. It’s black and isn’t that our favourite colour? It will match all your shorts, skirts and skorts. It also has the words blessed printed on it to remind you to count your blessings from time to time. 


Feminine, flirty and breezy defines what a skirt can do for you in a place like Goa. It’s a wonderful choice of outfit to take with you to the beach or by the pool. Slip out of the water and slip into a cute skirt. Wear it with your bikini top or even with your monokini and it’s going to look pretty effortless. You could also pair the skirt with a spaghetti top or a racerback tee.

This lace skirt is a very sexy number you can rock in Goa if your main plan is to p-a-r-t-y. It’s flirty, without being too revealing. The knee-length skirt has a nude lining covering your booty and leaving a little skin showing under. 

Would you rather chill by the beach and hang around at a shack all day? Then this flowy skirt is your best bet. It’s cute and comfy and the floral print is perfect for a tropical place like Goa. You can even wear it to the Wednesday night flea!


Long Dresses

The ultimate lounging outfit is a long, flowy dress. Gowns and full-length maxis scream vacation. The weather in Goa is perfect for a loose, cotton long dress. The fabric will allow you to breathe without clinging to your body and if you want a little more structure to your outfit, slip on a cute belt along your waist. Toss in a straw hat, your sunnies and dainty bracelets. 

This mustard yellow tiered polka dot dress will look adorable with flats. For a relaxed dinner by the private beach of your resort, do pack a maxi like this one. 

Floral Prints

Floral prints are perfect for the always sunshine weather in Goa. They look good in person and even better on Instagram, right? Look for statement pieces like tops, shorts, dresses or even scarves.

This black floral print dress is quickly going to turn into your go-to date night outfit. It’s floral, feminine and the plunging neckline makes it pretty sexy. You can wear a bralette or a cute tank top inside. And if you aren’t afraid to show some cleavage, nipple stickies are a great choice for plunging necklines like these.


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There’s nothing that keeps the hangover hidden like a good pair of sunnies (and concealer). And not just that, with the sun shining bright, you do need a good pair of sunglasses to shield you from the harsh rays.  

These wayfarers are perfect for both, you and your man. They offer UV protection for your eyes and will make sure that you look like a hot treat!


All those days spent lounging on the beach can lead to serious sunburn. While a little bit of a vacation tan is something we would all love to flaunt 365 days of the year, there’s nothing cute about sunburn. Keeping your skin covered from harsh sun exposure, using sunscreen religiously is absolutely essential. And besides, do you really need me to give you a reason to wear an adorable, floppy straw hat? 


I absolutely love a good straw hat and this one is the perfect shape and size. If you don’t like a hat that’s extra floppy and gets in your eyes while you walk, this one will fit just right. Also, can you just think of all the cute boomerangs you can take?


A scarf is quite versatile, especially when you’re on a vacation. It’s one of those multi-purpose accessories that can basically be whatever you want it to be. It will keep you warm on chilly, breezy days and it will keep your skin from burning under the hot, summer sun. It can protect your face and your hair from the harsh UV rays and it can breathe life into a mundane outfit. It could even be converted into a makeshift sarong! 

This fringed leopard print scarf is light and airy. It will keep you warm when the temperature dips slightly during the night. Pair it with a monotone outfit or slip into it by the pool, you’re going to be quite the heartbreaker in this.


What’s a vacation without some bling? If you’re like me you immediately associate a beach vacation with fun accessories. Invest in some statement pieces – bracelets, chains, earrings, anklets or even some pretty rings. 


This layered necklace will look adorable with your dresses and monokinis. It’s got a little bit of gold, a little bit of shell and a whole lot of personality. 

Like your bling on your ears? This pack of earrings are all the accessories you will need to carry with you to Goa. The set has 7 pairs of earrings – studs, small danglers and large hoops, they’re all here.

The worst thing about being in tropical weather like that in Goa is frizzy hair. Long beachy hair, don’t want to care? This quirky hairband will keep your messy hair just as you like it – out of your face. And hey, you get to look cute while you do that, sounds like a win-win to me.

Flip Flops and Sliders

If you’re thinking about packing in a bunch of heels in your Goa backpack, let me stop you right there. One pair of block heels or wedges will suffice, although you won’t really need them. Flip flops, sliders and sandals will be the most comfortable footwear options for the trip.


Flip-flops are cute but aren’t these fringed sandals cuter? Give your feet a beach-ready upgrade by treating yourself to these fringed sandals.


A bright, big tote can be the perfect home for everything you need when you’re on vacation. A scarf, a towel, a book, your phone charger, your sunnies and even your bottle of water. A canvas tote is a great bag to take with you to the beach. You can leave it in the sand without worrying about spoiling the fabric. 

This tote can truly do it and house it all. From your beach essentials to your groceries, ladies – THIS one is a must-buy.


You didn’t think that we were going to end this post without mentioning sunscreen, did you? Sunscreen on a vacation or generally in our everyday lives is non-negotiable. It’s the only way to avoid sunburn, sunspots and long term skin damage. A good quality sunblock with an SPF50+ should definitely be packed into your handbag for any vacation. If reapplying every 3 hours seems like a stretch to you, invest in some sunscreen mists. 


You can’t go wrong with Neutrogena’s SPF50+. It is loved by people all around the world for its ability to keep your skin protected from the sun no matter what skin type you are. It also makes the perfect base for makeup.

Featured Image: Aslisona on Instagram

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