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9 Gifts For Your Newlywed Friends… They Will Actually LOVE These!

9 Gifts For Your Newlywed Friends… They Will Actually LOVE These!

So your friends are getting married and you want to give them something useful, yet memorable! You know they would not appreciate the cliche wedding gifts like bedcovers and dinner sets, and you don’t want to give something as impersonal as cash. So, to help you choose a wedding gift your friends will love, we have come up with this super cool list. You will surely find some useful wedding gifts here!

1. Cute Travel Trunks


Keeping in mind that the newlyweds will be off for their honeymoon soon after the wedding, you can gift them these really cute trunks. To carry their luggage or as a vintage show piece in their living room, your friends will surely love them!

Price: ₹ 1,800. Buy it here.

2. A Framed Cork Pink Board


Now, now! Married couples usually have fights because they often forget to do house chores assigned to them! Don’t let this be a reason for your newlywed friends to argue. Gift them this awesome cork pin board, where they can put up reminders and even cutesy pictures and love notes for each other!

Price: ₹ 2,500. Buy it here.

3. Kinky Handcuffs *Wink*


This will be a very kinky gift for your friends, especially ones you are really close to. They might laugh about it at first, but they will definitely use it and be so thankful to you later!

Price: ₹ 330. Buy it here.

4. A Relaxing Bath Products Set


Now here’s something your newlywed friends will definitely use. A perfect gift for the lovebirds for a relaxing time together in the shower. Packed with lavender potpourri, bath salt, soap, massage oil, T-light candles, neck roller and loofah, this is just perfect.

Price: ₹ 1,120. Buy it here.

5. A Wine Bottle Rack


Given that they will have a lot of people coming over to their place after the wedding, this seems like a perfect gift for them, right? It will be a nice addition to their bar set. The product comes with a set of tools and that sure is an added bonus, so yay!

Price: ₹ 1,429. Buy it here.

6. An Instant Camera!


Newlywed couples in their honeymoon phase just love to click cute pictures all the time! We know they have their phones and everything, but nothing beats the charm of the classic polaroid snap. I’m definitely telling my friends to get me this for my wedding *dreamy eyes*

Price: ₹ 5,300. Buy it here.

7. A Personalized Travel Set


A personalized travel set for the couple, which they can happily flaunt while flying for their honeymoon. They will totally love you for the thought you put into this gift! Worth every penny, if we must add!

Price: ₹ 3,000. Buy it here.

8. A Cute Breakfast Table


Perfect for all those lazy Sunday mornings when they just want to snuggle up in bed together and eat while watching movies! And it’s also a great gift for days when they want to surprise each other with a romantic breakfast in bed.

Price: ₹ 2,995. Buy it here.

9. A Shopping Gift Card!


This is for the ‘Rachael’ type friends in your group, the ones who can only like something which they buy themselves. A gift card is a perfect option for them, and trust me, they will be glad you gave it to them!

Price: ₹ 500. Buy it here.

Go ahead, start shopping!

28 Aug 2017

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