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Dryness, Hair Fall & Other Problems: Team POPxo’s Fab Solutions

Dryness, Hair Fall & Other Problems: Team POPxo’s Fab Solutions

Every girl has mane troubles – yes, even those girls whose silky, glossy strands we’re secretly envious of. Wanting to get rid of dryness, dullness, split ends, dandruff, roughness, hair fall and frizziness are some problems you’re probably familiar with. We are all looking for a hair problem solution. The POPxo team shares the same concerns too. And each of these fabulous ladies has found a hair solution that works for them to get to the root of the issue. Want to know how they did it?! Read on to find out, we say!  

1. Caroline D’Cruz – Assistant Editor

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Unfortunately, I don’t just suffer from one problem alone. I have split ends and winter gives me an oily scalp and dandruff. I was lucky to discover Wella System Professional Clear Scalp Shampoo. It keeps dandruff at bay and gives my scalp the squeaky clean feel that I love. I follow up with  the Wella SP Dry Mask – it takes care of my split ends and gives my locks a boost of moisture. Post the washing-conditioning routine, I use a coin-sized amount of L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil – it smells great, gets rid of tangled hair and also takes additional care of my dry ends. It is the perfect hair problem solution for split ends.

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2. Priyanka Ghura – Beauty Editor

solutions to hair problems

My biggest problem is all about controlling my super thick hair, which can get pretty unmanageable and frizzy. After trying lots of people I’ve finally found a hairstylist who gets my strands and gives me layers and texturises my strands to make them more manageable by offering a hair problem solution. I also use an awesome serum on wet hair (John Freida Frizz Ease Serum) to help prevent frizz as my hair dries. This, and a good cut has made all the difference. Also using a paddle brush under a blow dryer sometimes helps  smoothen out frizz. I am glad to have finally found a hair solution.

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3. Simar Rana – Senior Lifestyle Writer

solutions to hair problems

My biggest hair problem was definitely how dry and rough my hair was beginning to feel till just a while back. It was becoming brittle and breaking a lot because of the same too. I then came across what I like to think of as a little magic potion called Moroccan Oil! It definitely gave my hair that extra lustre and sheen that it desperately needed. My hair began to look and feel less dry and the hair fall too came under control. This is one product I use religiously as a hair fall solution !

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4. Sharon Alphonso – Lifestyle Writer

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The texture of my hair is thick and wavy. Due to Mumbai’s pollution and heat, my hair tends to get greasy and oily very soon. My scalp starts to itch immediately after. After trying many hair products in the market, I finally settled for Himalaya Protein Shampoo. It’s a mild shampoo that does a fantastic job of keeping my scalp clean and repairing damaged hair. I use this amazing shampoo on my hair twice a week. I absolutely love the results! I recommend this great hair problem solution to all battling greasy and oily scalp issues.

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5. Apurva Lama – Fashion Writer

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The one hair problem I have been facing for something is dullness. I have realized that to go natural is the best hair solution. I have been making an egg mask at home to treat this. All you have to do is whip up an egg or two depending on the length of your hair, add few drops of lemon juice and olive oil to the egg and mix it thoroughly. I apply this on my hair and scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse it off. I have noticed a visible difference in my hair. I do this once every 4 weeks.

6. Dakshee Haryani – Social Media Coordinator

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My biggest hair problem till now has got to be dry hair! My hair texture is curly, so my hair tends to be frizzy a lot! Two years ago, my mom recommended the perfect hair problem solution– Matrix Smoothproof Smoothing Masque, which she discovered during a hair spa treatment at the parlour. I apply the hair mask on my damp hair right after a wash, and leave it in for 10 minutes (deep conditioning). The mask leaves my hair super soft and shiny. The frizziness is totally under control and my hair is not even half as dry as it was before! 

7. Anushree Sharma – Product Manager

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My biggest hair problem over the years has been hair breakage. I started using a great hair fall solution– the Org Moroccan Light Penetrating Oil about a year ago and it has turned my hair into a glorious mane. I use this every weekend, in the night where I apply it, and tie my hair in a knot on top and go to sleep. I wash it in the morning and have started noticing visible improvement in my hair quality. 

8. Ragini Kapoor – Account Manager

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I have had bullies pester me about my hair in school, college friends commented on how disheveled I looked because my hair was always a mess… But then I tried Kerastase Maskeratine Masque and it’s completely given my hair a makeover. It not only adds moisture to my dry locks but also makes them super shiny. 

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05 May 2016

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