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If You Prefer To Go Hair-Free, These Are The Best Hair Removal Creams In India

If You Prefer To Go Hair-Free, These Are The Best Hair Removal Creams In India

You probably must have heard of the word ‘depilatory’ and not understood what it stands for. We don’t blame you, after all, it does sound like a term straight out of a science textbook. ‘Depilatory’ in a nutshell is a popular agent in hair removal cream products and its job is to break down keratin bonds and allow the hair to be pulled out easily. Depending on how thick your body hair is, it usually takes about 10-15 minutes for hair removal creams to work their magic. Compared to waxing and laser hair removal treatments, it’s a great hair removal option as it’s quick, pain-free and inexpensive. 

However, you must be careful about using them if you have sensitive skin. Hair removal creams usually have a pungent unpleasant odour as they contain strong chemicals. If the hair removal cream is left on the skin for too long, it can burn, sting and cause inflammation. Hence, it’s always safer to do a patch test first, before generously applying the hair removal cream all over the body. Nevertheless, it’s still a hair removal technique that’s worth giving a shot.


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Top 15 Best Hair Removal Creams Available In India


Before we proceed, I want you to know that all hair removal creams need to be applied on dry skin. The skin should be free from product and water as it could interfere with the hair removal cream. Now that we know this, let’s move on to the main part of the story – here are 10 of the best hair removal cream products available in India!


1. Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream


Enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, this hair removal cream helps to remove short stubborn hair and leaves the skin soft, moisturised and nourished for the next couple of days. This hair removal cream for women can be used on the underarms, legs, hands and bikini line too! Places to avoid using this particular hair removal cream are your face, brows, scars, moles and sunburnt skin as it can cause the skin to flare up.

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2. WOW Skin Science Hair Vanish For Women


You may find it tough to get your hands on this hair removal cream in stores, but you can buy this hair removal cream online for sure! It’s an all-natural product that’s loaded with bioactive ingredients such as sunflower oil, Narcissus Tazetta Bulb extract, jojoba oil, liquorice extract, hazel and Himalayan spring water. This is one of the best hair removal creams to remove hair and comes with an affordable price tag.

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3. Lyon Silky Hair Removal Cream


From all the hair removal creams, this one is the best for sensitive skin. The product claims to gently dissolve the protein structure of the hair in minutes without triggering the skin. Enriched with aloe vera extract, it agrees with all skin types and does a great job of keeping the skin silky and fresh.

4. Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream


Another hair removal cream that’s great for sensitive skin is this one. A little on the pricey side as compared to other hair removal creams, but once you start using the product, you will get hooked on it for life! This facial hair removal cream is meant to remove side locks, upper lip hair and the hair on the forehead. Packed with almond extract and calendula oil, you will face no issue in removing facial hair ever again!


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5. Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Gold Hair Removal Cream


This body hair removal cream claims to be scientifically developed with soothing and antiseptic properties. While it removes the hair, it also leaves a sweet aroma on the skin that makes the skin glowy and baby soft.


6. AnneFrench Hair Removal Cream


This product has been around for donkey years. It’s a popular and effective body hair removal cream. It comes with a dual-action spatula which helps to spread the cream easily and remove the product as well. Unlike other hair removal products, this one won’t dry your skin out. On the contrary, it will make your skin feel hydrated and soft.

7. Aryanveda Herbals Papaya Hair Removal Cream


Both men and women can use this hair removal cream. It comes in a tube form and is loaded with ingredients such as bisabolol and papaya extract. It’s meant to be applied on the body and legs. Due to its brightening properties, it works effectively to brighten up dull and tanned skin.


8. Everteen Hair Removal Creme


This underarm hair removal cream can also be used as a hair removal cream for private parts. Formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract, it’s mild and gentle on the sensitive parts of your skin. Within 5 minutes, it removes hair and provides you with a smoother bikini line.

9. Alite Hair Removal Cream


From a quality and price perspective, this baby is one of the best body hair removal cream products in the Indian market. Enriched with aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter, this product can be used on all the parts of your body.


10. Oxyglow Herbal Hair Removal Cream


In less than 100 bucks you can bring home this amazing hair removal cream. It not only removes the hair but also removes the suntan as well. Its key ingredients are orange pulp, apple extract, bearberry extract, rose and sandal flavour. This hair removal cream can be used on hands, legs, underarms and bikini line.

11. Olivia Herbal Hair Removing Cream


Lemon, aloe vera and citric acid – this hair removal cream will do justice in removing stubborn hair from the skin. It not only removes hair but also nourishes and moisturises the skin after hair removal. Fading away spots and evening out your skin tone – this hair removing cream is good at that too.


12. HipHop Hair Removal Cream with Charcoal Cream


What makes this hair removal cream interesting is that it contains activated charcoal as an ingredient. A product that’s fit to meet the needs of sensitive skin, the charcoal ingredient in it also acts as a natural detoxifier. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

13. VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream


Packed with rose and aloe vera extract, you can be sure that this hair removal cream will do a careful job at removing the hair from the skin. It’s meant for all skin types and makes the skin feel soft and supple after washing the cream off. Plus, it leaves a fresh rose scent on the skin too!


14. Elois Hair Removal Cream


This hair removal cream also contains aloe vera extract. Yes, it does remove hair without causing pain, but what it also does is it smoothens and softens the skin. Both men and women can use this product and it has an amazing shelf life of 36 months!

15. Alainne Aloevera with Green Tea Hair Removal Cream

If you love all things green tea, then make sure that you use this green tea hair removal cream product as well. It can be used on the hands and legs. Avoid using it on the face as it can be too harsh for the skin. Along with green tea extract, it also contains olive oil and shea butter that’s responsible for keeping the skin nourished and oh-so-soft!



How to apply hair removal cream?

Apply a thick and even layer of hair removal cream on your skin with a spatula tool (It usually comes along with the hair removal cream) and leave it on your skin for 5-8 minutes. Use a wet washcloth or same spatula to remove the hair and wash your skin with lukewarm water. Once wiped dry and clean, moisturise the skin with cold cream so it stays soft and smooth.

Do hair removal creams work?

Yes, they do. Like waxing, it’s also a pain-free way to remove hair on the arms and legs. It manages to get rid of the hair for a week. Whereas shaving gets rid of hair for 2-3 days and waxing lasts for 3-4 weeks.


Are hair removal creams safe to use?

Yes, they are. However, just to be safe, always do a patch test first. If you experience itchiness and inflammation, avoid using hair removal creams completely. Hair removal creams do contain plenty of chemicals and you should avoid the product if you have sensitive skin.

Are there any side effects of using hair removal creams?

Yes, as mentioned above, always do a patch test. Hair removal creams are capable of causing mild skin irritation, allergic reactions and chemical burns. If you experience any of these, wash off the product immediately with water.


What lasts longer- waxing or hair removal cream?

Waxing for sure. Waxing lasts for 3-4 weeks, while hair removal creams last up to a week.

Is it better to shave or to use a hair removal cream?

It’s your choice. Both methods are pain-free. However, hair removal creams provide hair-free skin for a week and waxing, just a couple of days.


Can I use hair removal cream on my private area?

You can use them on your bikini line, but make that it does not come in contact with the genital area. If it does, you can experience severe pain and rash.

Whether you plan to wax, shave, use a hair removal cream or prefer to embrace your body hair, it’s all up to you. Just choose what’s best for you! 


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07 Aug 2020
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