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Is It Normal To Have Hair On My Boobs? How To Get Rid Of It?

Is It Normal To Have Hair On My Boobs? How To Get Rid Of It?

You may have noticed it, but felt too embarrassed to talk about it. But you’re not alone. Many women face it, but don’t know how to address this situation - of having hair on your boobs! Fear not, ladies, for we can assure you that having breast hair is completely natural and normal. It usually starts at puberty for some, and for others, later on in life - based on hormonal fluctuations in your body. If it’s something that bothers you, and you want to do something about it, here are 6 options to remove breast hair that you can choose from.

Breast Hair Removal Tip 1. Scissors To The Rescue

Breast hair removal But not your regular scissors! A fine pair of nail scissors is what you need for removing hair on boobs. Start by placing the blade at the base of your hair to protect your skin from getting cut, and then snip as close to the base of the hair as you can. This method works for girls who have a few scattered strands around their nipples. Try not to do this when your skin is wet or sweaty as the hair sticks to the skin. Do it at a time a time when your skin is completely dry.

Breast Hair Removal Tip 2. Consider Going For Laser Hair Removal

Breast hair removal If you want long-lasting results, getting a laser treatment done for removing breast hair your best bet. Before deciding, of course, make sure you to consult with a cosmetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. They will give you a better insight about the treatment and examine your skin to see how sensitive it is. This treatment involves highly concentrated laser rays that destroys the hair follicles and prevents further hair growth. Bear in mind that this treatment is expensive and depending on how much growth you have, you may be required to pay multiple visits to the surgeon.

Breast Hair Removal Tip 3. Put That Tweezer To Good Use

Breast hair removal This method is perfect for women who have just a couple of strands on their breasts (usually around the nipples). Before you pluck the hair out, make sure that the hair is long enough that you can grip it without touching the tweezer to your skin. Now comes the important part: when using a tweezer, make sure that you hold the strand firmly and pull it out as quickly as possible. The faster you pluck, the lesser the pain you feel. Since the hair gets pulled out from with the root, it takes a longer time to grow back than if you were, say, using scissors to trim it.

Breast Hair Removal Tip 4. Invest In A Hair Removal Cream

Breast hair removal There are many hair removal creams that are packed with chemicals that give your skin a nasty rash. Get one that specializes in tackling hair around sensitive areas. Sure, it’s slightly expensive, but it’s definitely worth a shot for removing breast hair! Just apply it on your dry skin and leave it there for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Take a tissue or a damp cloth and wipe the cream off - along with the hair. Just step into the shower to wash off after that, and you’re done.

Breast Hair Removal Tip 5. Wax It Off

Breast hair removal Waxing is a fast and an effective hair removal technique. BUT, when it comes to hair on boobs, you have to be super cautious. If done by the wrong person, it could be an extremely painful process. So opting for the parlour down the road from your house just because it’s close by is not the best idea. Speak to a waxing professional who specialises in sensitive areas such as the bikini region - they’re way more likely to get you through the process without causing (too much) pain.

Breast Hair Removal Tip 6. Get That Razor Out

Breast hair removal Do be VERY careful about this, but if shaving is what you’re comfortable with, that’s an option too to remove breast hair. However, make sure that instead of using a regular razor, you use a face razor. The blade of the face razor is lightweight and much easier on the skin. Pick a cream that contains no chemicals to save yourself from a rash or any infection. An aloe-based shaving gel will also serve the purpose. When shaving, glide the razor smoothly over the hair, in the direction of the hair growth. While shaving, keep your hand over your areola and nipple to avoid nicks and cuts as the area is extremely sensitive. You can even tape a small piece of cotton across your nipple in order to make sure the blade never touches it.
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Published on Aug 11, 2015
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