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10 Benefits Of Aloe Vera That Will Convince You To Add It To Your Garden ASAP

10 Benefits Of Aloe Vera That Will Convince You To Add It To Your Garden ASAP

You could call my house a mini conservatory of aloe vera plants. My mom likes to keep them around the house because of how pretty the plant looks. It took me months to appreciate these succulent plants, but over a period of time, I grew fond of them, too. I mean, what’s not to love? The plant not only performs miracles on your hair but on your skin and health as well! In some Southeast Asian cuisines, the juicy flesh of the aloe plant is consumed. Coming back to the point - whether you eat it, drink it or rub the fresh pulp on your face, here are 10 amazing benefits of aloe vera. (You’re welcome!)

1. It helps reduce acne and lightens blemishes.

1 aloe vera

One of the main reasons you should give aloe vera a try is because it reduces acne and lightens blemishes! It’s a great home remedy to brighten your skin, you can make a mask using just aloe vera and lemon drops. With lemon’s lightening properties and aloe’s gibberellins and auxins, acne and blemishes lighten over time.

2. It soothes sunburns like a pro.

Why use aloe vera on your skin during summer? Simple! Because it’s soothing to the skin and reduces inflammation. It also acts as an epithelial layer—that means it mimics your skin’s top layer, protecting you from sun damage. Not to forget aloe vera is packed with nutritional properties and antioxidants that prevents the moisture from escaping.

3. It promotes hair growth.

3 aloe vera

By delivering several vitamins and minerals to the scalp, aloe vera helps boost hair growth. Using it as a hair mask or a shampoo can repair damaged skin cells on the scalp and improve the elasticity of every hair strand. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

4. It will keep dandruff at bay.

Dandruff can occur due to multiple reasons. An oily scalp, unwashed strands, accumulation of dead skin cells, sweat or even an infection can cause dandruff to occur! However, using aloe juice can solve that hair problem of yours. It will cleanse your scalp and get rid of dead skin cells in a jiffy. Not to forget that it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which help fight any infections on the scalp.

5. It reduces stretch marks.

5 aloe vera

Just like an elastic band, skin is known to expand and contract as you get older. Skin stretches when age, pregnancy or rapid weight gain occurs. The time that happens, the elasticity of the skin gets damaged and new stretch marks are born. However, if you have aloe vera gel by your side there’s nothing to worry about! Just apply it over your stretch marks twice a day and you’re bound to see positive results in the first month itself.

6. It has anti-ageing properties.

Drink your way to pretty skin by consuming aloe vera juice! Making this a habit every morning can help increase production of collagen. This reverses early signs of ageing. Besides rejuvenating your skin, it detoxes your digestive system as well. While the gel moves through your intestinal tract, it picks up and absorbs all the toxins along the way. Thus, detoxing your body and making it possible for you to have great skin.

7. It does a better job than a conditioner.

7 aloe vera

Did you know that you can use aloe vera as a hair conditioner too? The gel can be used to not only moisturize the strands, but also add volume and improve its texture. Since the gel is free from chemicals, it does a fab job at cleansing the scalp, restoring shine and making the locks stronger and shinier.

8. It can be used as natural make-up remover.

You don’t have to invest in an expensive make-up remover when you can make one at home using aloe vera gel and olive oil. Unlike most make-up removers, this one has no chemicals and will not dry your skin out. On the contrary, it will cleanse your skin and will make it moist, smooth and supple.  

9. It can be used as a hairstyling product!

9 aloe vera

Aloe vera can be used as a shampoo, anti-frizz spray and a hair gel. To make a hair gel, you’ve got to mix aloe pulp, almond oil and olive oil. This mix will make your locks look gorgeous! To make a shampoo out of aloe pulp, mix it with dried herbs, jojoba oils, aloe pulp and essential oils. And last but not the least, use aloe gel to make an anti-frizz hairspray! Use it on your mane and it’s bound to stop the frizz and give it shine.

10. It acts as a natural skin toner.

If you mix water and green tea with aloe vera juice, you’ve got yourself a fabulous skin toner! How effective is it, you ask? Well, it tightens skin pores, reduces redness, removes toxins and cleanses the skin from oil, dirt and grime. For a woman who has naturally oily skin, this toner is perfect for you.

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Published on Jan 22, 2018
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