Everything You Need To Know Before Trying Hair Removal Creams

Everything You Need To Know Before Trying Hair Removal Creams

We’ve all squirmed through waxing sessions, dealt with the horror of a razor cut that refuses to stop bleeding or tried saving up for pricey laser treatments. Unwanted body hair can be pretty annoying for some people! And if you’ve wanted to zap away hair on your underarms, back, legs or anywhere else minus any pain or hassle, you’ve definitely given hair removal creams for women a thought. We have easy access to them but don’t know enough about them, right? So we tell you everything you need to know about hair depilatory creams, how they work and when and if you should use them. 1. How Do They Work? 1 hair removal creams These creams dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface instead of pulling it out from the root, like with waxing. The hair may grow back sooner because of this reason but hey, it’s a completely pain-free process!

2. But, Don’t They Stink?

Old-school hair removal creams meant for women did, giving them a bad rep thanks to their unpleasant odours. But these days, depilatory creams smell of floral and fruity tropical blends while some smell like nothing at all.

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3. Will They Cause Ingrown Hair? 3 hair removal creams Nope! This is probably the biggest plus of opting for a hair removal cream over waxing or shaving. These creams not only dissolve the hair at the surface but also the dead skin cells, which usually cause those pesky in-growths. If you’re prone to ingrowths, then you should give waxing a break and try a hair removal cream instead, which is among the best hair removal methods for women. Also read: Go Hair-Free At Home: Hair Removal Products That Actually Work!

4. Finding The Right Cream For You

There are loads of brands and lots of choices of women’s hair removal creams out there, we wouldn’t blame you for being confused. Keep these in mind while picking one:

  • If you have sensitive skin, choose the one that’s specified for your skin type. Ingredients like aloe vera and green tea should be present in creams for sensitive skin.

  • You shouldn’t be using a regular hair removal cream available for women on areas like your face and bikini area. If you really want to then look for creams and formulas that are specially created for those sensitive areas. We highly suggest doing a patch test first.

  • We most commonly come across creams in India, but you can also get them in the form of gels, roll-ons and sprays. These can be less messy.

5.  How Do You Use One?

5. hair removal creams Step 1: It’s super important to read the instructions of the hair removal cream for women before you start. Different brands and products could have different instructions and some could say to leave it on for 3 minutes, while others can be for 6.    Step 2: Apply a thick, even layer of cream on dry skin. Don’t rub it, just spread it on your skin. Step 3: Leave it on for the instructed amount of time or less - never exceed the time limit as it could irritate your skin. You can check a patch halfway through the time limit to see if the hair is coming off. It’s always better for your skin to leave it on for a shorter length of time. Step 4: Take off the women’s hair removal cream with a spatula if it’s included in the kit or use a damp washcloth. Remember to wipe and don’t rub. Rinse the area once you’ve wiped off the cream to get rid of any residue Step 5: Pat your skin dry, don’t rub. Be sure to use a moisturizer after and wear loose clothes. Tip: Hydrated skin is always more conducive to hair removal than dry skin, so do this at the end of a shower for hair to dissolve easily and quicker. Also read: Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal!

6. So, Should You Swap It For Your Regular Hair Removal Method?

Let’s weigh the pros and cons! Pros:

  • It’s inexpensive.

  • It is absolutely pain-free.

  • You can do it yourself at home and at your own time.

  • It won’t cause ingrown hair.


  • The hair can grow back faster than with waxing.

  • It can get messy (but so can waxing!)

  • It can cause skin irritation if not done properly and carefully.

Overall, we think creams work well for quick and painless hair removal in women. It will leave your skin smooth, even if it’s just for a few days. If you don’t want to make it your usual hair removal method, having a hair removal cream handy at home is a good idea. It can come to your rescue in case of emergency situations like last minute plans when you want to wear a dress! Many women do think it’s the best method of hair removal.Images: Shutterstock