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5 Products That Will Make Every Day A Good Hair Day!

5 Products That Will Make Every Day A Good Hair Day!

There is no way you can truly look your best if your hair game is lacking finesse. That’s why there’s no room for compromise on the haircare front. How you care for your locks determines how it looks and so if your mane is showing signs of weakness it’s probably time to switch things up for the better. The reason why your hair could look unlike its natural healthy self is because of various factors. Excessive brushing, combing, and heat styling do mechanical damage that leads to breakage, colour treatments tend to make hair dry and brittle, and stress and pollution can contribute to hair fall. Even unusual hair wash schedules can lead to a stubborn dandruff bout and unruliness. Now, of course, experiencing these hair concerns can surely put a damper on your mood. But we have a solution so cheer up! Treat those hair woes by opting for smart haircare products that actually do what they say. And boy do we have a haircare haul for you. Scroll down to find a list of hero hair products that will give your mane new life and have you feeling like a movie star.

5 Hero Haircare Products To Add To Your Beauty Stash


Clear Shot

A sulphate free shampoo that lathers up to give an invigorating cleanse, this one’s a definite shower shelf staple. It effectively removes impurities and product buildup from the hair while keeping your strands moisturised and shiny. Infused with charcoal, olive oil, and green tea extract, it is a great solution for both oily scalp and dry scalp concerns and dandruff as well. This shampoo is sure to keep your hair clean, clear, and ready for any occasion.

Va Va Voom

If you want to moisturise your locks without compromising their natural texture, opt for this softening and defining conditioner. It banishes frizz and deeply moisturises strands without weighing them down. Enriched with avocado and shea butter, the hair gets the ideal nourishment it needs to stay healthy, bouncy, and full of gorgeous texture.

Volume & Scene

Don’t let hair fall stick around too long because this hair oil can effectively reduce it from the very first use. It contains redensyl which is a new breakthrough ingredient that arrests hair fall and promotes regrowth of hair. Powered with black seed oil and ginseng oil, this product is the perfect solution to hair fall. Simply swipe it on with the comb applicator head and massage it in an hour before a hair wash and you’re on your way to attaining a thicker, fuller mane.

Flashing Lights

Make your hair reflective with this moisturising and shine-enhancing hair serum. Containing argan oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil, it’s like a magic potion for your locks. It easily detangles hair and fends off frizz while making the hair look vibrant and shiny.

New You

Want to give your hair an instant makeover? Turn to this biotin and collagen-infused hair mask. It does a fab job at increasing body and deeply moisturising hair so that it looks and feels soft and bouncy. Featuring highly moisturising ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter, this mask smoothes out frizz and coats strands with a film of moisture so that it appears thicker and fuller.

Add these amazing haircare essentials to your beauty shelf and bad hair days will be a thing of the past.

Featured Images: Pexels

23 May 2022

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