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Best Happy Father’s Day Gift Ideas (2021)

12 Impressive Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Dad Will Actually Love & Use

Your father is the first special man in your life, and it is a relationship that you treasure for life. From teaching you how to ride a bike to helping you with your maths homework, your father has always had your back! And as we grow older, our relationship also matures and changes for the better. Now, our fathers have become our best friends, and we tend to go to them for a chilled beer, financial advice or share updates about our love lives! However your relationship with your father looks like, we’re sure it’s special in its own way. And since father’s day is around the corner, why not surprise your old man with a special gift? 

Okay, so you want to buy daddy dearest the perfect present, but don’t know what exactly to get him? We’re here to help. Scroll ahead for a specially curated list of father’s day gift ideas for your dad. Trust us, we’ll help you find some unique gifts for your dad!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Daughter


Yes, we know your dad looooves his Old Spice, and he uses it in every shape and form—aftershave, shaving cream, shower gel, body lotion and body spray. But it’s time to try new things, so gift him a new alluring scent that he will love—and show him that sometimes it’s okay to mix things up!

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Turn Table

If your father is anything like mine, he probably goes on and on about his gramophone during the ‘good old days’. Well, you can’t bring back his old gramophone anymore, but you can buy him a modern-day version of it! This turn table will let your dad play all his old vinyl records and revisit the said ‘good old days’.


Chances are, your dad already has a trusty watch he loves and wears every day. And chances are it is old-fashioned AF! Help your father be a little more fashion-forward with this funky watch. It doesn’t have to replace his OG watch, it’s simply another ‘fun’ option when he wants it.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Son

Silk Tie

Yeah yeah, we know a tie isn’t the most unique gift idea for fathers. Your dad probably has a drawer full of them right? But this one is special, because it is made from the finest silk. Trust us, your dad will want to save this one for a special occasion!

Cuff Links

No man can have enough cuff links—so why not add another dazzling pair to your old man’s collection? The best part is, he’ll think of you every time he wears them!


Fancy Whiskey Decanter

Our fathers (especially if they are Punjabi!) love their bars. And they all have that one bottle they have been saving for years, only have a single peg on special occasions. You may not be allowed anywhere near it, but you can get him a fancy crystal decanter to hold his extra special liquor! Who knows, one day he might offer you a drink!

Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Funky socks

Does your dad have drawers full of the same-old blue-grey-black socks? Time to encourage him to get funky! These socks will add a little bit of fun to your dad’s otherwise bland (albeit chic) formal outfits.



Has your dad become super sentimental ever since you and your siblings have grown up and ‘flown the nest’? Well, it’s time to give him something to care of, like this snake plant. The best part? Your father doesn’t need to help them with their homework!

Book (The Splendid and the Vile)

Our dads can never have enough books. This book by Erik Larson is going to be enjoyed by practically every father on the planet—a saga of family, history and war, what’s not to love?


Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Photo Frame

We get it, a photo frame is a cheesy and predictable gift for dad. But that doesn’t stop them from being special. Especially if you make a frame by yourself! Put all your crafts skills to good use and pick your favourite photo with your dad, and we guarantee tears (of joy, of course)!

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Literally every father on this planet has that one faded mug they drink their morning beverage in. Time to add another one of their collection, but this one is going to make him a bit senti every morning. Order a mug with your best photo together or even their favourite quote/life mantra. He will love it!


Dads normally stick to plain ‘ol solid colour t-shirts or formal shirts. Spice up their wardrobe with a customised t-shirt just for them! This could include their favourite movie references or even their favourite childhood band!


So now that you have plenty of options for father’s day gift ideas, go ahead and get him one ASAP. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute!

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