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Best Bra Brands In India

Beautiful Inside: 10 Best Bra Brands That Will Give You Just The Kind Of Support You Need

No matter how expensive or trendy your outwear might be, it will never look perfect without the right bra. It is that really integral piece of clothing that can seriously make or break your look. Think of bra straps poking out of your tanks and an unsupportive bra absolutely killing a cowl neck top and you’d understand. This is exactly why we think of lingerie as an investment and are here to help you in case you are always struggling to find the correct bra. To keep you covered in the department, we have curated a list of the 10 best bra brands in India that will never disappoint and will always give you just the kind of support that you need.

Best Bra Brands In India

Looking for the best bra brands that you can always trust blindly? Here are our top 10 picks:



Hands down one of the best bra brands in India, Enamor tops our list for their impressive arsenal of bras for all ages, sizes, and needs. To begin with, the acronym ‘C.A.S.T’ best describes the brand’s activewear collection which stands for comfortable, accessible, smart & transitional active clothing. It is a smart & functional activewear range with interesting offerings that include, sports bras, shelf bra vests, and more. We are currently eyeing their high-impact sports bra that has our attention because of its front zip design.

Enamor again is the best bra brand when it comes to finding the right products for those who are just beginning to wear bras. The brand’s latest collection of beginner bras has been designed keeping in mind the need and comfort of those who will be soon purchasing their first bra. Plus, the range comes with an antimicrobial finish which makes it ideal for beginners, who in their growth phase go through hormonal fluctuations thus leading to extra sweating and staining.



UNIQLO is easily the best bra brand in India if you are into lingerie that feels like second skin. While their impressive collection of wireless bras is surely one to look out for, it is the very innovative bra top that is currently shining as their hero product.


Amante has to be your go-to bra brand if you like to keep it sexy and suave with your lingerie picks. This is one of the best bra companies in the world and has a style for literally everyone. From chic bralettes to lacy bridal bras, you’ll find everything that you are looking for at Amante.


Marks & Spenser

With an expansive range of bras styles, Marks & Spencer has us impressed with its gorgeous designs and specialty range. From sexy lacy bras to uber comfy nursing picks, the brand has it all. This explains why it happens to be one of the most popular bra brands across the globe.


Most women in India will recognise Zivame as one of the first brands that offered them an exhaustive selection of innerwear online in India. In the past decade, the brand has managed to gain a strong footing in the innerwear market all thanks to their no-nonsense, fuss-free bras that come in all shapes, sizes, and hues.



The first innerwear brand in India to set up exclusive brand stores across the country, Jockey is easily the most popular bra brand in India and takes pride in creating “bras for every vibe.” The brand caters to the lingerie needs of women to suit varied needs and styles.


SKNZ is the best bra brand to consider if you like to take your sportswear beyond the gym and style it in your everyday outfits. With their quirky and chic designs, the brand is trying to bring the fashion-house approach into athleisure. Plus, this brand should definitely be on your watchlist in case you like to keep it super stylish while working out. From fun animal prints to tie-dye designs, the brand offers it all. We recommend their Apricot Leopard ‘LuxBreeze’ Set and Ivory Metallic ‘UltraSuave’ Set in case you are looking to exude some B-town diva level glamm in the gym.



Love to play with silhouettes but constantly struggling with bra straps and the wrong kind of lingerie? One of the top bra brands when it comes to innovation, Butt-Chique is the answer to all your lingerie woes. Every single offering from Butt-Chique is curated with a thorough understanding of the body and the brand provides you with a functional collection of body tapes, nipple pasties, and more. Our favourite picks from the lot? It has to be their life-changing collection of body tapes and nipple pasties.


Tromko again is a great bra brand in case a good sports bra is what you are looking for. The brand uses a special MicroModal fabric that is super thin, silky smooth, and thus ensures that you stay super comfortable through the most intense of workout sessions. Green is the colour of the moment and Tromko’s neon bra with its cross back design is definitely on our wishlist at the moment.



Clovia is one of the top bra brands in India when it comes to affordable finds. At Clovia, you can find every single bra style that you are looking for at fairly affordable prices which also means that this brand needs to be on your radar in case you want to experiment with a new style.

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So fam, all set to make some solid investment with our curation of the best bra brands in India?


Featured Image: Enamor

25 Oct 2021
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