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Pink Ribbon Alert: Signs That You Have Been Wearing The Wrong Bra Size All Along!

Pink Ribbon Alert: Signs That You Have Been Wearing The Wrong Bra Size All Along!

We have all been wearing bras for more than half our lifetimes. You’d think that by this point in our lives we would have figured out the right bra size and also found bras that don’t pierce our hearts or make us SO comfortable that we forget we have those holders on. While the latter part is something that we do not have control over, the first one, we kind of do.

Surprisingly, the other day I read an article where experts mentioned that a LOT of women even today are invariably wearing the wrong bra size. It blew my mind and also made me rethink all my choices and stare at a lot of my bras suspiciously (just like you are doing now).

Well, now that the seed of suspicion has been sowed, let’s talk about how you can determine if you are ACTUALLY wearing the right bra or not. Here are some tell-tale signs if your bra is in the safe zone or if it’s gotta go.

1. Scrappy Strap

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All the straps on your bra have their own place and THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT YOU, despite whatever you have seen on that one movie. (You know which one I am talking about.) The back strap needs to be flat against your back, it shouldn’t be riding up or falling limp. Your shoulder straps again need to stay comfortably on your shoulders and not dig into your skin or not have a peek-a-boo moment and shock your neighbour aunty at all times. Bruises are not okay!

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2. Too much skin

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A side-boob situation still has your boob facing forward so if you have a third and fourth boob under your arm, yep say bye bye to your bra, please. Or if you feel like your boobs have been divided into a top half and bottom half, that’s another sure shot sign.

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3. Popping time

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If you are constantly telling your boob(s) to return to its assigned seat and are afraid to lift your arms up in public, it might be the holder’s problem that you’re blaming your poor boob for.

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4. Feel it up

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Honestly, lingerie of any sort does serve a purpose but at the end of the day, it is about how you feel in it. If it gives you the confidence to walk straight, gives you a better posture and of course makes you want to check out your own bangin’ curves – then you’ve got the right bra. If not, do not settle until you find it.

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Marks and Spencers understand that finding the right bra is MUCH more important than finding the right partner and they would like to do some of the work for you. You can head to any M&S store and get your bra size measured by experts. You will also get vouchers, which you can use to get the RIGHT bra from M&S’ wide range of intimate wear for women. Trust me, once you find the right fit, you will understand why it didn’t work out with all the wrong ones.

*This is a sponsored post for Marks & Spencers

24 Jan 2019

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