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We Found A Different Bra For *Every* Mood

We Found A Different Bra For *Every* Mood

Just like a fierce pair of heels can add confidence to your walk, slipping into a lacy bra can instantly make you feel sexier. The thing with a good bra is that it can actually uplift your current mood (& boobs!). So on days when you’re feeling sexy, try on a racy red bra. On days when you want to channel your innocent side, wear a polka dotted one instead. From perking up your mood on a dull Monday morning to unleashing your inner diva on a Saturday night, there’s a bra for every mood. So go ahead and take your pick… based on how you’re feeling right now, of course.

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1. Something sexy

bra 1

Nothing screams attention like a bra with lace details. On days when you’re feeling sexy, slip into this gorgeously hot number and we swear, you’ll feel even sexier.

Get this Wunderlove by Westside Deep Maroon Leticia Balconette Bra here (Rs 1,299)

2. Feeling romantic?

bra 2 new

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An ivory lace bra is for when you’re feeling exceptionally romantic. The feminine and minimalist design of this one is sure to fill you up with #PrincessVibes.

Get This Latte Chloe Balconette Bra here. (Rs 1,119)

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3. Get sh*t done!

bra 3 new

On days when you feel extremely confident and ready to take on the world, this is the bra you should wear to support your mood and your boobs.  

Get this Ruby Racerback T Shirt Bra here (Rs 899)

4. In the mood for some fun!

bra 3

Keep this bra for days when you’re in the mood for some fun. The polka dots and the pretty peach colour will surely add to the happy mood.  

Get this Peach Ruby Plunge Padded Bra here (Rs 899)

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5. Work mode on

bra 5 new

It’s mid-week and you’re charged up to wrap up those long pending assignments. This formal black bra will give your babies all the support and comfort during the long, hectic day.

Get this  Black Multiway Bra here (Rs 1099)

6. That flirty feeling!

bra 6 new

Spotted a cutie at work and can’t stop thinking about him? Go ahead and wear this pretty bra that’s perfect for days when you’re feeling all flirty.  

Get this Victoria Deep Plunge Bra here (Rs 1,099)

7. The lazy girl’s go to bra

bra 7 new

Designed for comfort, this bra will be your best friend on days when all you want to do is Netflix and chill!  

Get this Black Non Wired Bra here (Rs 999)

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8. Content with life

bra 8 new

No frills, no drama but still so elegant. A nude bra with lace details is for days when you feel satisfied and content with life.

Get this Beige Lucie Bra here (Rs 999).

*This article is sponsored by Westside.

21 Nov 2017

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