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Baisakhi Poems To Add Chaar Chand To Your Festive Celebrations! (2022)


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Baisakhi is celebrated on 13th April every year which marks the beginning of Hindu solar New Year in India. It is celebrated all over the country with so much dhoom dhaam as it also marks the beginning of the new harvesting season. Baishakhi is considered very auspicious among the Sikhs and Hindus. For Hindus, it is the day when the sacred Ganga river descended into the Earth and for the Sikhs, it is the day when their 10th Guru Gobind Singh started the pious Khalsa. 

And if you are planning to celebrate Baisakhi in 2022, then reading out a Baisakhi poem is an excellent idea, even if you are celebrating it digitally. Below, we’ve mentioned heart-touching Baisakhi poems that’ll surely lift up your spirits.

Baisakhi Poems

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People of both religions celebrate Baisakhi with lots of love. Usually, they sing, dance and even read beautiful poems to express their gratitude. And if you’re looking to read some Baisakhi poems too, then scroll ahead!

Rabb Har Saal


Rabb Har Saal Ehoji Baisakhi Lyaavey

Mennu milyaa meraa maahi mele vich

Rabb har saal ehoji baisakhi lyaavey,

Pyaar di jyot dilan vich jalaa jaavey

Bichhdey dilaan nu milaa jaavey

Phir khiliyan pyaar di kaliyaan ve

Mennu cheddiyan saari sakhiyaan ve

Karan rabb daa shukar dil naal main

Mennu bichhdyaa pyaar milya mele vich

Rabb har saal ehoji baisakhi lyaavey

Jithey har bichhadyaa pyaar mil jaavey



Rabb Har Saal is a famous Punjabi Baisakhi poem that surely captures the mood, right? If you’re planning to celebrate this festival with your family this year, then make sure you read aloud this short Baisakhi poem to them.

Baisakhi: The New Season


Stretching, rubbing my eyes,

with a wide yawn, I fill my lungs

with freshness of meadows.

Chitter Chatter of the birds

slowly filling the air

coupled with moo moo’s so dear.

A perfect natural note

suddenly breaks to

the gradual pumping of water

blending perfectly with slow

rhythmic sound of the drums,

increasing its pace to the

sweet dancing maidens

accentuating ambience, while

precariously balancing their load.

A momentary pause and then

breaking monotony with their trinkets

kicking dust, completing the beat

in loud Crescendo.

Flowing colourful dupatta

blending with the light

complimenting vast expanse

of yellow, flowing, rhythmic fields

fill this cool breezy morning.

The new season has arrived. 



If you’re celebrating Baisakhi in 2022 with a group that isn’t well versed with the Punjabi language or have a few videsis in your audience, then you should definitely read aloud Baisakhi: The New Season.

Be Baptised, Be Khalsa


Sikhi is the fire,

flame is the Khalsa

Sikhi is the spring,

stream is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is the love,

loving is the Khalsa

Sikhi is the faith,

faithful is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is the dharma,

karma is the Khalsa

Sikhi is Wahe Guru’s message,

messanger is the khalsa.

Sikhi is Wahe Guru’s code,

conduct is the Khalsa

Sikhi is Wahe Guru’s word,

voice is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is Wahe Guru’s court,

verdict is the Khalsa

Sikhi is Wahe Guru’s kingdom,

crown is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is the humility,

humble is the Khalsa

Sikhi is the strength,

strong is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is the shrine,

saintly is the Khalsa

Sikhi is the school,

scholar is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is the seva,

servant is the Khalsa

Sikhi is the peace,

polite is the Khalsa.

Sikhi is the spirit,

strong is the Khalsa,

Sikhi is the saviour,

saved one is the Khalsa.




When it comes to Baisakhi poems in English, Be Baptised, Be Khalsa is one of them. It talks about the Khalsa and what it stands for!

Dhand Dee Laa


Dhand dee laa ke chadar,

Phullan nu jadd khid khid hasee aandee hai,

Us wailey hee bas Baisakhi aandee hai.

Badla nu chumdee,

Hawaa ich jhooldee sunhari fasal jad,

Jatt nu bulaandee hai,

Us wailey hee bas baisakhi aandee hai.

Bhangde te gidde di toli rall ke

Jadd pind ich tamalaa paundi hai,

Us wailey hee bas baisakhi aandee hai.

Mere Punjab di mitti jad wee

Menu wajaa maar bulandi hai,

Har din mere dil ich ik navi baisakhi aandhi hai!!!

Baisakhi di Lakh Lakh Badhai

Sahaj sukh je jaage andar

Jaage nazraan vich ik aasaa

Birhaa jaage te mann tarpe

Milne nu fir jee udaasaa.

Khich vairaag di jad seene paindi

Fir aann miley sajjan pyaaraa

Seel sanjam sarab sukh mildaa

Puran hove mann di aassa.



Time to win the hearts of all your Punjabi peeps with Dhand Dee Laa. It is a beautifully written Baisakhi poem that will definitely keep you feeling the festive spirit, all day long.

Sharing is caring!


The day Guru Gobind Singh turned sparrows into eagles

The day all people of all castes stood up and were equal to Kings

The day we realised the power of Five

The day we were given the 5 Banis to listen and read

The day that transformed us to see all as equal

Remember the true meaning of Vaisakhi amongst the crowds and food If you can ask the Gurdwara to donate vast amounts of food to the homeless

Soon the celebrations will disappear but continue to celebrate in spirit every day the creation of the Khalsa

Let it always within your spirit, be always fearless within your heart to do the right thing no matter how hard it gets Celebrate always within


Sharing is caring, indeed! This short Baisakhi poem talks about the first Baisakhi day and why it is so important to understand Baisakhi significance. Surely beautiful, right?

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Ready to celebrate Baisakhi with your loved ones? After all, nothing expresses gratitude like beautifully written words.

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07 Apr 2022

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