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Twitteratti React With Memes After Mysterious Sounds Leave Bengaluru All Panicked

Twitteratti React With Memes After Mysterious Sounds Leave Bengaluru All Panicked

Earlier today, unidentified thunderous sounds in Bengaluru left the city residents all panicked and confused as they rushed out of their houses fearing that it might be a high magnitude earthquake. Residents even reported rattling of windows and a slight shock as a result of the loud boom. 

However, Srinivas Reddy, director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC), quickly dismissed the earthquake rumors saying that “Earthquake activity will not be restricted to one area and will be widespread. We have checked our sensors and there is no earthquake activity recorded today.” Another claim that the sounds can actually be a sonic boom (sound made by an aircraft when it flies “faster than the speed of sound, or supersonic”) was also dismissed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) as they stated that none of their planes had anything to do with the mysterious sounds. 

Here’s a video depicting what went by:

Bengaluru police is currently looking into the matter with no reports of any other damage across the city. “We also got information… the sound was heard from the international airport to Hebbagodi, Bengaluru. No calls to 100 till now of any damage. We have also asked the Air Force Control Room to check if this was a flight or supersonic sound. The Bengaluru Police is waiting for Air Force to confirm,” they shared in a media statement. 

And while the mystery behind the unidentified sound remains to be unearthed, Twitterati across the country are losing it over the occurrence. Soon after the sounds were heard around 1:20 pm, they quickly took over Twitter to unleash hilarious memes while they tried to process what had happened and express their disbelief in the wild turn of events. 

Here’s how the Twitterati are reacting to the mysterious boom in Bengaluru:

Sounds About Right!

That’s One Crazy List!

We should Probably Stop With These Apocalyptic/ Memes

This Meme Touching Some God Level Social Distancing Standards

COVID-19 Is Really Up For Some Crazy Competition In India

We Feel Ya Bangalore Fam!


Honestly, We Are Just Asking For It Now

Man, This Can’t Be Good RN!

Danish Sait Sums Up Bangalore’s Reaction In A Single Tweet

Well, unnerving as it, this has happened at the time when the country is already processing a lot and looking at a pandemic and a super cyclone in the phase. We hope this doesn’t turn out into anything major and our Bengaluru fam stays safe through it all. 

Featured Image: Twitter

20 May 2020

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