10 Things Every Independent Career Driven Woman Knows To Be True!

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Dec 8, 2017
10 Things Every Independent Career Driven Woman Knows To Be True!


“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” Mae West (and Jim Steinman) nailed it with her words.

When it comes to being a career driven woman in this patriarchal society, we get a lot of flak for being ‘over ambitious’ or for ‘focussing too much on money’. You can be strong women, independent women as long as your final aim is ‘settling down’. From the neighbourhood aunty to the far-away relative, our lives are always their business. So what do we do when for the 50th time someone wonders ‘what we are really doing with our lives’ aloud? We laugh it off. And we do it together! Here are some of the funniest things you will get when you are a career driven woman through and through. So go ahead and humour yourself, with a glass of wine and a bubble bath while you’re at it!

1. Work life balance is like a seesaw for you.

Except that work-life balance is always tilted toward one side. Whoops, didn’t see that coming!

2. You’re always told that you can’t marry your work…

…but in your head you say – been there, done that!

2 career driven woman

3. Food ordering apps are your BFFs

Swiggy and Zomato may be considering a working woman’s discount exclusively for you for all the business you’re giving them with endless order in meals.

4. Saying ‘I have to work’ to miss social gatherings is your go-to excuse.

Anything to avoid the ‘shaadi kab karoge?’ brigade, right?

4 career driven woman

5. Your idea of a fun night, is a movie marathon night in with ice cream and popcorn.

All while being cuddled in a blanket, of course!

6. Your friends are convinced that Siri is the closest thing to a companion that you’ll ever get.

Ah, well, at least Siri’s got a sense of humour!

6 career driven woman

7. People have now accepted the fact that you’ll be on your phone ALL the time.

You are just that person now.

8. One of the things that really gets you turned on is closing a deal at work.

Maybe they should call it a work-gasm?

8 career driven woman

9. You are up to date with all kinds of shortcuts technology can give you.

When someone’s laptop freezes, you know exactly what to do!

10. DAUs, MAUs, YoY, CTR, CPC – you’ve got your acronym game on point!

All the corporate jargon, you know exactly how to roll with it! Because guess who you are? A career driven woman, that’s who!

10 career driven woman

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