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11 Films With Badass Female Leads You Need To Watch NOW

11 Films With Badass Female Leads You Need To Watch NOW

Be it Kya Kool Hain Hum, Masti or even the recent Badrinath Ki Dulhania - objectifying women, stalking them is often a way to display affection in reel life. And watching our perfect fictional men do it, our imperfect real men also decide it’s the right way to go. Often leading to more tragedies than love stories. While we women keep gulping down this behaviour that comes in the form of love, sometimes, it’s time to get our heads out of the sand and say ‘Hey, wait a second…’

And these 11 movies do exactly that. With strong storylines and even stronger women, these movies shine bright, now and possibly, forever.

1. Annie Hall

1 films with strong female leads - Annie Hall

Not only did Diane Keaton revolutionise the fashion industry with her clothing choices in this movie, her character is strong, unapologetic and independent. Annie Hall sits across the bed from Woody Allen and holds her own throughout the film.

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2. Queen

2 films with strong female leads - Queen

Rani’s story is akin the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Abandoned at her wedding, this sheltered girl decided to take a journey across Europe. Her solo honeymoon forces her to open her mind and heart to different cultures and people, with a lot to teach. Turning her into the ultimate badass Queen.

And since you’re the Queen of your life, you can’t not watch this movie! (Rs 269)

3. Legally Blonde

3 films with strong female leads - Legally Blonde

What starts out as a stereotypical chick flick begins to surprise you with unexpected encounters. Dumped by a self-centered boyfriend, fabulous Elle turns her life around by signing up to a law school and getting accepted into Harvard. What? Like it was hard?!

Laugh along with Elle on her journey with this DVD (Rs 599) and don’t forget to catch the sequel in a matching pink dress (Rs 1,695) for some more lovin’! (Rs 580)

4. NH10

4 films with strong female leads - NH10

An unforgettable movie with a strong storyline but a stronger female lead. Meera leads a life that the modern Indian woman only dreams of, which is soon shattered by a husband who, honestly, doesn't know when to shut up. All in all, she ends the movie on some pretty badass note. There is nothing more dangerous than a woman who has nothing left to lose, right?

Feel the fear and courage of Anushka and with it’s DVD. (Rs 266)

5. Mulan

5 films with strong female leads - Mulan

Legendary in every sense, this animated film is inspiring to women of every race. Mulan explores the journey of a girl who becomes a fearless warrior. She also finds love along the way, but I think that has more to do with luck.

This awesome animated movie is not to be missed, get the DVD and check it out now! (Rs 499)

6. Dear Zindagi

6 films with strong female leads - Dear Zindagi

Exploring the mind of a 20 something Kaira, this feel good drama is a rollercoaster ride with a lot to take back. It touches on the issues of anxiety and depression without making a victim out of her...how refreshing!

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7. The Danish Girl

7 films with strong female leads - The Danish Girl

This piece gives you two empowering female leads, in the form of Gerda Wegener a portrait artist and her husband Einar Wegener, a landscape artist. Set in 1920s, it follows Einar’s journey as he transforms into Lili paving way to the first attempted male to female sex reassignment surgery. A hard hitting tale that promises to leave you in tears.

Get yourself the DVD (Rs 499) and a bucket of ice cream (Rs 40) and trust me, you won’t regret it!

8. Pink

8 films with strong female leads - Pink

Taapsee Pannu’s Minal made a mark with this courtroom drama centred around victim-shaming. The story of three girls, it plays around the idea that the modern woman is often labelled ‘characterless’ and ‘easy’ simply for being outgoing.

Watch the fire ignite within you as you cheer Minal on. (Rs 359)

9. Room

9 films with strong female leads - Room

Based on a novel by Emma Donoghue of the same name, this Oscar nominated film follows a young woman - kidnapped and trapped by a middle aged man in his basement. Accompanied by her 5-year-old son, Joy plots her escape while being watched and raped by her captor. Sounds gruesome? It’s real enough to send chills down your spine.

Gruesome but definitely a truth we have to face in life, catch this movie now! (Rs 299)

10. Little Sister

10 films with strong female leads - Little Sister

A gothic drama which tells the story of a young nun returning home to a veteran brother, only to recreate her teenage years of delinquency. It’s safe to say that you couldn't have possibly seen something like this before.

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11. Angry Indian Goddesses

11 films with strong female leads - Angry Indian Goddesses

The story of 6 strong women facing the world in their own unique way. Covering race, rape, colourism, same-sex marriage and women relationships, their struggle are relatable with undertones of dark humour. This movie will make you miss your girl gang!

Go binge-watch all of them now!