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Quick Hair Tips: Increase Hair Volume In 20 Seconds!

No matter what your style, thick, voluminous locks will always be in vogue. We’re not talking over-the-top BIG 80s hair, but lush, lustrous bombshell hair that will help you turn heads wherever you go. We tell you how to give your hair more volume in 20 seconds flat, yes even you with fine, limp strands can fake a richer, thicker mane. This party season increase hair volume without the hassle of hours of styling and effort.


Switch Your Part

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

One super simple trick to increase hair volume is to switch your part from the side you always wear it to the opposite side. Make sure to make a deep side part using a comb by drawing a line above your eyebrow and moving diagonally back towards the centre.

Get Teasing

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

How to increase hair volume on top the head? Tease. If you have thin, limp strands then backcombing should be part of your daily routine. Just gather your hair at the crown of your head when dry and use a comb to tease the roots in an up and down motion. Then, use your fingers to brush your strands to soften the look for some natural looking volume.

Go Vertical

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

Best way on how to add volume to hair is simply change a little thing! Take the top section of your hair from the top of your ear all the way to the other side and hold it up vertically by the ends. Flip on your blowdryer and point it at the roots while holding your strands straight up. Let them cool down before letting go of your hair. Voila, instant volume.

Layers Are What You Need

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

A great haircut with plenty of layers brings much more volume and depth to your mane, making it look so much healthier. If you haven’t had a cut in long and have let your locks grow out then it’s time you set up an appointment with your hairdresser. For fine hair, make sure to get soft layers in the front to frame your face.

Use The Right Products

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

A shampoo that is too harsh for your strands will strip it off its natural oils and cause flat hair. Use a volumizing shampoo; apply conditioner only on the ends as too much can make your hair flat. Don’t use too many products on your mane as they can weigh it down, if your strands do need some extra help than a volumizing mousse should be your go-to. We like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam to use a dolloped size on your roots.

Fake A Fuller Ponytail

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

If you have fine hair then a ponytail can look more scraggly than chic. One simple trick is to split your ponytail into a small horizontal section and place a mini clip below the top section for an instant boost. Your ponytail will look thicker and fuller.

Try A Root-Lifting Spray

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

Whip out a good root lifting spray for some quickie volume on a rushed up morning. L’Oreal Paris Ever Style Root Lifting Spray is great to spritz on your roots along your crown, just brush with your fingers for that extra oomph.

Flip Your Hair

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

For an instant lift, flip your head upside down while blow-drying your roots so gravity can help lift your strands. Brush your hair gently away from your scalp for extra body, once your roots are dry flip your head back up and finish drying your strands to keep frizziness at bay.

Dry Shampoo To The Rescue

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

When all else fails and your strands are falling flat or you haven’t had time for a wash, use some dry shampoo to bring some life to your mane. A good dry shampoo like Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is perfect to refresh your locks and add weightless volume to your strands in under a minute. It’s just the secret weapon you need in your beauty arsenal to turn around a bad hair day.


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06 May 2016

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