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15 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Existed But Totally Need Now!

15 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Existed But Totally Need Now!

From all the fabulous beauty products out there, we bet you haven’t heard of the ones mentioned on this list! They’re all uniquely designed and are products you’ve probably never come across in your life. Picking up any of these babies, will not only fetch you a bunch of compliments, but will also tempt your friends to pick them up too. Are you ready to make a serious beauty statement? If that’s a nod, you should totally check out these 15 super rare beauty products!

1. IBEET Beauty Blender Sponge Holder


Each time you wash your beauty blender, you increase the chances of bacteria growth. Made from stainless steel, this gold plated sponge support will offer your beauty blender stability and air-dry it without the interference of dust particles and bacteria. Also, doesn’t it resemble a boiled egg server? We thought so too!

Price: ₹ 1,077. Buy it here.

2. Borracha LLC crafted Wine Wipes


Ever wanted a solution to removing red wine stains from your teeth? These wipes will sort you out! The pack comes with 15 wipes and does a fabulous job at removing stains and keeping teeth sparkling white. When you step out for a ‘ladies night’ with your favourite girls, make sure to carry this pack in your purse. It will always come in handy in some way or the other.

Price: ₹ 63068. Buy it here.

3. Lancome Juicy Shaker – Cherry Symphony


A lip tint in the shape of a shaker? Wow! That’s a first! All you’ve got to do is shake well before using and voila! You’ll have the prettiest pout in the world. Enriched with nourishing oils and antioxidants, your lips are bound to feel moist, supple and smooth. If that’s not awesome then we don’t know what is!

Price: ₹ 1,631. Buy it here.

4. Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper, Gray


Never will you ever have a problem with the shape or look of your brows if you have this product by your side. It makes your brows appear fuller and gives them definition. Plus, for its price, this beauty product is a steal!

Price: ₹ 225. Buy it here.

5. Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Pack


Fruit face pack, yes, you’ve heard of that, but charcoal? What is that?! For dull skin, this baby is excellent because it promises to brighten, smoothen and remove layers of dead skin after every use. The activated carbon, instantly removes oil, dirt and makeup residue that clogs skin pores. Not to mention that it nourishes skin by supplying it with vitamins and minerals.

Price: ₹ 475. Buy it here.

6. Lancome Grandiose Bendable Eyeliner


Always struggled with nailing the winged eyeliner look? Well, this bendable eyeliner will make your life much easier. A water-based liner that strokes each line with precision. The bendable wand simplifies grip and ensures a quick and smooth application experience. Care to try?

Price: ₹ 2,447. Buy it here.

7. Colorbar Color-Matic Eyeshadow Pen


Sure you’ve heard of an eyeshadow brush, but a pen? No way! This one in particular is not only affordable, but does justice to eye makeup. It picks up just the right amount of product and makes application a smooth and easy process.

Price: ₹ 570. Buy it here.

8. The Body Shop Lipscuff


Need a break from dry and flaky lips? This lovely mint stick exfoliator will get rid of dead skin like a pro and keep your lips moisturized and smooth. It has a grainy texture and makes the perfect lip scrub for girls who want soft, kissable lips.

Price: ₹ 700. Buy it here.

9. Iraa Insta Repair Multi-Action Night cream


This night cream is made from the extracts of cauliflower and mushrooms. Packed with Vitamin E anti-aging elements, SPF and shea butter, this cream makes a fine addition to your beauty kit. Just before you hit the sack, apply a generous amount of cream on your face. Doing this every alternate night will keep your skin moist, protected and hydrated.

Price: ₹ 595. Buy it here.

10. Puna Store Oval Foundation Brush


Using your fingers to blend the foundation on your skin is not only unhygienic, but getting an even coverage could turn into an issue as well. That’s why you should invest in this beauty tool. The brush is soft and gentle on the skin.

Price: ₹ 125. Buy it here.

11. Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softeners


We bet you’ve tried the perfume version of it, but have you tried the cream yet? Please do so, because it moisturizes skin and makes it feel baby soft. Without making your skin feel oily or greasy, this wonder product instantly gets absorbed into your pores and improves the texture of your skin. You have to try it to believe it!

Price: ₹ 299. Buy it here.

12. Maybelline Dream Blender Blending Foundation Sponge


If you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t like holding the makeup sponge directly, this beauty product is your solution. Keeping your fingertips clean, you can now use the sponge to apply product. It delivers even coverage and makes your foundation look flawless.

Price: ₹ 540. Buy it here.

13. NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base


You probably love NYX for its lipsticks and funky eyeshadow palettes, but have you heard of its eyeshadow base? Probably not. Apply the base and run a coat of compact powder. You’ll notice that the eyeshadow pigments become more visible and the products tend to stay on for a longer while. Even if you don’t want to apply eyeshadow, just the base can instantly make your eyelids look bright and fresh.

Price: ₹ 1,077. Buy it here.

14. Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Vetiver Water


This tonic mist keeps your skin fresh, hydrated and cleanses skin pores to perfection. This baby is an alcohol-free product and does a magnificent job at preparing your skin for moisturizing. For the summers, this product makes a fabulous splurge.

Price: ₹ 750. Buy it here.

15. The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers


Any girl who loves her makeup brushes will know how big of a struggle it is to keep them squeaky clean. Since most brushes are expensive, you don’t want to clean them in such a way that they get damaged. Investing in this tiny silicon brush cleaner will help banish excess makeup residue, maintain the shape of the brush and of course, keep them in tip-top condition.

Price: ₹ 295. Buy it here.

Which of these stole your heart? Please say ALL!

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14 Jun 2017

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