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#Happy: 15 AWESOME Pick-Me-Ups Every Girl Should Know About!

No matter how chilled out and happy you are as a person, there are some days when the best of us need some help! Yeah, you never know when you find yourself needing some TLC. You want to hear some good news, though? You don’t need to depend on anyone else for it anymore! That’s right, girl – we’ve drawn up this awesome list of pick-me-ups, for those dark and dreary days. They are tried and tested and guaranteed to work. What you waiting for? Chin up, beautiful! It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Have Your Back!

There might as well be a study to prove this one, for it unfailingly works for us! Yes, that’s right! Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel and Joey are the kind of F.R.I.E.N.D.S who always have your back! The best thing is, they’ll always tell your favourite jokes the way you love them being told! And that’s the kind of comfort you just can’t put a price on.


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2. Passion For Pinterest

This tip comes with a warning – once you open Pinterest, you could be preoccupied for hours! But there’s something just so cathartic about looking at beautiful images and inspirational quotes, trust us, you’ll be much happier once you’re done!


pick me ups 2

3. Nutella Party!

Chocolate is the answer! What was the question again? Oh, and the best part about Nutella is, you can spread it on ANYTHING! Move over, Masterchef, because I’m about to have a Nutella party.


pick me ups 3

4. The Canvas Cure

It’s something about the colours, or the fact that you just indulged in something creative, but putting a brush to a canvas instantly makes your worries seem far, far away!


pick me ups 4

5. The Enid Blyton Way

If this children’s author made your childhood as magical as she made ours, we say delve into those pages one more time! Be it The Adventures of Noddy, or the Faraway Tree or the Malory Towers – there’s something about old-school nostalgia that can lighten up your spirit and make you think of simpler times!


pick me ups 5

6. Drive Away The Blues

Long drive, soothing music, your favourite spot – we think we may have found the recipe for an instant mood overhaul! Yup, you can thank us later.


pick me ups 6

7. Memory Box

We all have a memory box, even though it could be in different shapes and sizes. But we all have a drawer or a folder where we’ve stored some special things (cards, notes, albums) that take us back to our happy place. And you know what? It’s totally okay to revisit it when you’re feeling low! It’ll remind you of the good times, or even point out what a long way you’ve come in life. It’s a total win-win!


pick me ups 7

8. Just Keep Swimming!

There’s something so calming about taking a dip and being alone with your thoughts! Not only is it great cardio (which incidentally, is also a great pick-me-up), but it’s also the best way to clear your head. Yup, we totally suggest dealing with your blues with other blues!


pick me ups 8

9. Baby Lovin’

Spend some time with your favourite niece/nephew or neighbourhood munchkin! Trust us – interacting with babies is a great way to change your mood. If they are at that tiny, adorable age – you won’t be able to stop marvelling at them, with their tiny fingers and every gurgle. If they are at the bigger, toddler stage, they will keep you on your toes and make you laugh with all their histrionics! Besides, they say the darnest things. What bad mood, amirite?


pick me ups 9

10. Nailed it!

Either you can go to the nearest parlour or you can indulge in some DIY – but a manicure or pedicure is a pick-me-up we totally let our bets on! Oh, and don’t forget to choose a bright colour or some sparkle (or both) for your pretty talons. Yup, you will have officially nailed this pick-me-up thing!


pick me ups 10

11. Make Time For Bollywood

Admit it, Rahul and Anjali, or Geet and Aditya, always cheer you up! If you need some next-level cheering up though, we suggest you go for the cult funny film, Andaz Apna Apna…laughing at the antics of a very young Salman and Amir will totally make your day! Aila, what a great idea!


pick me ups 11

12. Talkathon!

Sometimes, all it takes in life is reaching out. Yup, we all have that one friend (and this does NOT have to be your bestie) who always cheers us up, no matter what! We may not talk to them every day, but we sure know we can always pick up the phone and call them. Yup, they are wise and patient and funny – and let’s face it, sometimes that’s all a girl needs to feel much, much better!


pick me ups 12

13. Guilty Pleasure

We all have a guilty pleasure in life – whether it’s binge watching some shady reality TV show, eating too much cheese, or stalking that hottie on Instagram! But the truth is, it unfailingly makes us feel better. So, if you already know what yours is, don’t hesitate – do whatever it takes to make yourself happy!


pick me ups 13

14. Walk Away

Go for a walk, step outside, breathe in some fresh air! Admit it – even the sound of it makes you feel so much better. It’s the ultimate pick-me-up; add to that a list of your favourite music – it’s a force to reckon with.


pick me ups 14

15. Shower Power!

What can we say about hot showers that you don’t know already! Umm, they have magical powers. Well, we don’t have studies to back that, but we sure can tell you they feel like that much-needed purge on a day when your soul craves it. Add to that your favourite fruity shower gel – and boy, you’ll be ready to take on the world!


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05 May 2016
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