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Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke: Ankita Lokhande Getting Emo About Her Mom’s Performance Will Make You Hug Your Parents RN!

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Dec 14, 2021
Ankita Lokhande


As happy and festive as weddings are, there is also an intrinsically sentimental side to them. The bride, especially, goes through a spectrum of emotions. While she is starting a new life, she is also leaving so much behind and the realisation comes laced with a lot of mixed feelings and nostalgia for her. The same realisation hit Ankita Lokhande last night as she saw her mom’s sangeet performance and the video of her reaction is going viral now.

It was a very emotional moment for Ankita Lokhande last night during her sangeet function as her mom, Vandana Lokhande took over the stage along with the actress’s aunts. She performed on Kal Ho Na Ho’s Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke’ and Ankita could be seen being visibly moved by the adorable performance as she cheered for her mom and her aunts.

Here, watch a snippet from the heart touching moment:

This is perhaps the only video from her shaadi festivities where Ankita can be seen getting emotional. Otherwise, she’s been having a gala time and it is quite evident from the rest of her pre-wedding videos. Just yesterday, we had spotted her being the ultimate bridechilla as she ensured that she had the most fun during her haldi ceremony. That said, we can imagine what she must have felt while seeing her mom dancing during the sangeet. After all, it is always such a heartwarming moment to watch your parents dance in joy just ‘coz they are so happy for you. There is literally nothing more pure than that.

Well, Ankita’s wedding ceremony is today and we definitely want to see more of her cool bride avatar!

Featured Image: Instagram