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New Movies on Amazon Prime

Where’s The Popcorn? Upcoming Movies On Amazon Prime That You Just Cannot Miss

Gone are the days when we used to wait for movies to be released on the silver screen to give our unsolicited opinions, right? Going to the movie halls, munching on super expensive popcorn and enjoying the movie being played while the young couple made out around me–those were the ‘good’ days.

As much as we miss watching the movies on the big, fancy screen, you gotta admit that watching a movie from the comfort of your home, in your PJs is another feeling. Seriously, isn’t technology the best? In fact, even new movies have started streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other awesome streaming networks. So if you are someone who loves being ahead of everyone, then you must know about these new movie releases on Amazon Prime. Don’t forget to bookmark this list of upcoming and new movie releases on Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime Upcoming Movies

Upcoming Movies On Amazon Prime



Bring out your tub of popcorn and nachos ‘coz here is a list of amazing upcoming Amazon Prime movies. Yes, we just sorted out all your weekend plans!

Upcoming Hollywood Movies On Amazon Prime





This action-packed psychological thriller film is what everybody’s talking about and once you watch this, you shall too!

Rachel is a single mother who is having a really bad day and it gets even worse when she beeps her horn at someone in the traffic. And guess what, he is no ordinary man…but a psychopath. Soon she releases that he is following her which escalates into a full-blown sinister plan for revenge.


Coming 2 America



Coming 2 America is a sequel to the globally acclaimed movie, Coming To America. The upcoming film follows the former Prince Akeem Joffer (Eddie Murphy) who is all set to become King of Zamunda. But, after the discovery of his son in America (who he had no clue about), his life changes. From honouring his royal father’s (James Earl Jones) dying wish to grooming his ‘new’ son; be prepared to cry, laugh and fall in love with this beautiful storyline.

Upcoming Indian Movies on Amazon Prime


Drishyam 2



The sequel to the popular Tamil film, Drishyam is all set to hit your Amazon Prime screens! It’ll continue from where the first movie ended (that was quite the cliffhanger!) and promises another roller coaster ride with suspense, mystery and lots of other things that’ll keep you glued to the screens!





Maara is a Tami adaptation of the Malayalam film, Charlie and it is amazing! It follows the life of Priya, who finds a story painted on a wall, that she had heard from a stranger when she was a child and goes on to search for the man who painted it.

New Movies On Amazon Prime

Do you love watching Hollywood movies? Then these new Hollywood & Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime are perfect to watch after work.

New Hollywood Movies On Amazon Prime

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

If you are a fan of science fiction movies, then bookmark this already. This romantic drama follows an emotional journey of two teens, Mark and Margaret, who fall for each other under weird circumstances. Mark is constantly living the same day, every day and to his surprise, he meets Margaret, who too is stuck in the same loop. Together, they try to find an answer on how to end their ‘never-ending day’ and why is all this happening to them!


When an unfulfilled man and a stunning but mysterious woman meet, of course, things are bound to happen. Both are living in a simulated reality but when the newfound ‘Bliss’ world begins, they must decide what’s real and what’s not.

One Night In Miami

Set in 1963, the movie is exactly what the title says, One Night In Miami, where four icons, Malcolm X, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, and Sam Cooke meet in a motel room where they share laughter, discuss the pros and cons of each other and are just fooling around.

This movie is directed by Regina King, the first African-American female director and that is another reason why you should watch this iconic movie today.

New Bollywood Movies On Amazon Prime

The Last Colour

Warning: Keep your tissues ready for this one!

The Last Colour is an amazing film that addresses the age-old taboo surrounding Indian widows in Vrindavan and Varanasi. And what happens when a 9-year old tightrope walker befriends one such widow? Watch now to find out!

Coolie No. 1

What happens when a poor man gets insulted by a rich businessman? In Bollywood, he decides to teach him a lesson by making his daughter marry a coolie who is posing as a millionaire. Yup, this is the remake of the hit 1995 film but do expect some hilarious twists coming your way with this one!

Amazon Prime New Movies



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24 Feb 2021

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