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9 Amazing Things He Does For Me Without Even Realizing It!

9 Amazing Things He Does For Me Without Even Realizing It!

He does some really adorable things for me when we’re together, and even when we’re not. Planning surprises, sending me flowers to cheer me up, hugging me when I’m upset… But it’s the little things he does for me without even realizing that make me fall even more in love with him! Here are a few of them…

1. As soon as our pasta arrives, he eats all the mushrooms in it.

Because he knows how much I dislike them!


2. He doesn’t add ice to my drinks.

Especially when I have a sore throat!

3. He notices I’m cold before even I realize it!

And before I know it I’m wrapped up in his jacket.


amazing things he does

4. He waits downstairs for a while after dropping me home.

And drives away only when he sees my room light go on.



5. His hand automatically finds mine…

Whenever I’m feeling jittery or nervous. I don’t even know how he can tell, sometimes!


6. And pulls me closer…

Whenever we’re in a crowded place.

amazing things he does


7. He never calls me when it’s late and I’m tired.

Because he knows how I can’t go back to sleep once I wake up!

8. Whenever our friends ask us for an after-party..

He automatically looks at me to see if I want to go.


9. Whenever I’m climbing stairs in heels…

He makes sure he’s just an arm’s length away – in case I have a clumsy moment!

amazing things he does


GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016
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