Dear Future Husband, I Promise To Show You My Love Like *This*!

Apoorva PooniaApoorva Poonia  |  Apr 19, 2017
Dear Future Husband, I Promise To Show You My Love Like *This*!

Girls, we have something for you all and it’ll be the cutest thing you’ll see today! Alicia Souza, a Bangalore based illustrator, did something super adorable for her husband, George Seemon, and it’ll make you go aww! She dedicated a whole website to him and it is giving us serious couple goals. The website is called ‘Dearest George’ and it has super cute illustrations of their love story. Here are some of the illustrations from her collection – we love them and we bet you’ll love them too!

Their adorable love story! *Heart*

Alicia has been in a relationship with George for a few years now. She expresses her love for him in her illustrations. That one illustration which we found the cutest is called ‘Relationship Scale’ and it’s so funny! Look at it. Also, did we tell you that their love story is probably one of the best we have seen so far?

1 alicia souza love story

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The cutest proposal EVER!

Proposals are the best part of any love story. It is the ultimate romantic gesture and guess what? George proposed to Alicia in the most unconventional way. Instead of giving her one diamond ring, he got her a box of colourful rings – it’s SO adorable. And, of course, Alicia had an awesome response to it too! Have a look!

2 alicia souza proposal

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The beautiful yet simple wedding!

When you realise that you’ve found ‘the one’ for yourself, the best thing to do is celebrate your love for each other. And how do most couples do that? Well, by getting married. These two did the same. After two years of being together, Alicia and George had a court marriage and said no to the big-fat traditional wedding. Here is an adorable illustration of their ‘contract’.

1 wedding alicia souza

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The married couple and their family!

Having a family is a blessing. Alicia and George are a family of four. Wondering who the other two are? Their PETS. Yes! A dog named Charles-Brown and guinea pig named Henry-Oats. Isn’t it super sweet?

1 alicia souza family

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Oh, these two are the cutest!

You can check out Alicia Souza’s website for her husband George Seemon here.