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15 Adorable & Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will LOVE!

15 Adorable & Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will LOVE!

Mother’s day is almost here, girls! We all know that the one person in our lives who deserves all the love they can get is probably our mothers! Mother’s day is just an excuse to give a huge shoutout to the real superheroes of our lives. And what better way to do that than with a little token of love and appreciation? Here are 15 affordable but heartfelt mother’s day gifts you can buy now!

15 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day To Make Your Mother Fell Special

1. Something To Smell Great!

1 mothers day gifts

The flowery and fruity smell of this perfume is perfect for your mom’s go-to personality. Gift her one so she can smell amazing all through the day!

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

2. A Monthly Surprise

2 mothers day gifts

Why keep mother’s day limited to just one day of the year? Why not stretch it for a little longer? Buy your mom a beauty subscription box that will surprise her every month! Or for as many months as you want!


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Price: Rs 599 onwards. Buy it here.

3. Some Care For Her Lips!

3 mothers day gifts

Who doesn’t like a bit of colour on their lips? Get her this hi-definition matte lipstick in any shade you want so your dear mommy too can be picture-ready, always!

Price: Rs 563. Buy it here.


4. A Kitchen Accessory

4 mothers day gifts

You have to admit, home is home half because of your maa ke haath ka khaana. Add a little quirk to her kitchen avatar with a cutesy apron and chef hat!

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.

5. An Addition To Her Wardrobe!

6 mothers day gifts

The perfect little addition to your mom’s wardrobe – this cotton and silk saree will look great on her this summer! The colour is subtle and you know your mom will look absolutely gorgeous in this one!

Price: Rs 687. Buy it here.


6. An Accessory To Go With It!

5 mothers day gifts

How great will these earrings look with her saree? Pretty great, right? They are affordable and are a classy addition to her ethnic wardrobe.

Price: Rs 449. Buy it here.

7. A Little Sun Protection

7 mothers day gifts

Your mom is the sunshine of your life but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need protection from those harmful sunrays. Get her these stylish sunglasses so that she looks stylish while getting protection!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.


8. A Coffee Mug

8 mothers day gifts

A quirky little mug is truly what your mother needs to drive her morning blues away (yes, mothers have them too!). And the desi print is just adorable on this mug, don’t you think?

Price: Rs 280. Buy it here.

9. To Keep Track Of Time

9 mothers day gifts

Remember all the times your mother woke you up an hour before your time? Well, this watch is a great way to ask her to stop doing that in an adorable way. After all, 7 means 7, mom – not 6:30!

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.


10. A Cutesy Cushion Cover

10 mothers day gifts

How cute and true is this cushion cover? We love our mothers to the core and sure enough, life is easier and better when they’re around! Why not let them know that?

Price: Rs 580. Buy it here.

11. A Facial Kit

11 mothers day gifts

Who doesn’t love some parlour pampering at home? We know our moms sure do! This herbal facial kit for when she just wants to spend a sunday in bed relaxing is a great buy!

Price: Rs 546. Buy it here.


12. A Handbag

12 mothers day gifts

Mothers know how to look stylish day in and day out. We don’t know how they do it but they do! So it’s only logical if we help them along the way, right? Get her this tan handbag for work or her lunch dates with family or even her friends!

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

13. A Personalized Gift Card

13 mothers day gifts

A great way to get your mom what she actually wants while still letting it be a present! Gift cards are the new money envelopes but with a personal touch. Add a cute message and let the gift card pop up in her email!

Price: Rs 500 onwards. Buy it here.


14. Some Reading Material

14 mothers day gifts

For the mother who loves to read and preach – this book is the perfect gift! A collection of stories celebrating everything associated with motherhood, this will make her laugh and take her down the memory lane at the same time.

Price: Rs 826. Buy it here.

15. A Little Plant

15 mothers day gifts

Add a little greenery to her life. This could be the perfect addition to her room and this plant is known to add some luck to the life of it’s owner so why not, right?

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.


Go ahead and make your mom’s day, girls – she deserves it!

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02 May 2022

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