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Abhijit Bichukale Crosses All Lines With Devoleena & It’s High Time Makers Throw Him Out Of Bigg Boss

In case you watch Bigg Boss religiously, chances are that you have a taste for trashy TV and cringe. There is literally no other reason why anybody would be willing to watch this abomination apart from getting some cheap thrills out of the wackadoo content and contestants. Now, brace yourself for what we are going to say next. Weird as it might sound, but even cringe has a limit. While we often say ‘the cringier the better’ in terms of Bigg Boss, every now and then there comes a contestant who makes us regret this line of thought. It is not difficult to guess that Abhijit Bichukale is the Bigg Boss 15 contestant who is solely responsible for our cringe poisoning this season.

Since his day one in the Bigg Boss house, Abhijit has consistently been doing something or the other that has us asking ‘what’s wrong with this man?’ However, it is definitely a constant show of misogyny that has been irking us the most. His behaviour with women has been problematic but sadly, the makers have done close to nothing to address it till now. In fact, a few weeks ago Salman Khan even tried excusing it by calling it a ‘language problem’ even when you can clearly see that it is more than that. However, Abhijit has now done something that even the host or the makers will not be able to excuse even if they really want to. As you might have noticed, the ex-Bigg Boss Marathi contestant has been extra chummy with Devoleena Bhattacharjee. There have also been incidences of him flirting with her and winking randomly. For the most part, the actress has been ignoring all of it and giving him the benefit of doubt. Not anymore though.


In the latest Bigg Boss promo, Abhijit can be seen crossing all limits and being extra creepy with Devoleena during the Ticket To Finale task. “Kuch bhi kar jaaunga main. Pappi deni hai tujhe mujhe. (I can do anything now. I wanna give you a kiss)” he can be heard saying while he creepily tries to touch Devoleena on the cheek. This is, of course, too much to take and the actress can be seen raising her voice against it. However, instead of apologising for his mistake or backing off, Abhijit can be seen getting all defensive and saying “majaak toh majaak hai yaar (It is only a joke).”

Here, watch the video:

In the video, Devoleena can also be heard saying that Abhijit was apparently trying to “blackmail” her. Tejasswi Prakash who has deliberately maintained her distance with the man all this while looks visibly miffed in the video as she says, “I am on the verge of slapping this man now.” She even goes up to him for a confrontation and pushes him in anger while Devoleena has an emotional breakdown in the background.

Well, we are immensely proud of Tejasswi for confronting the creep but also hope that the makers do their part now and show Abhijit the doors. No one wants to watch a pervert on prime time TV or ever. We have seriously had enough of this cringe fest!

Featured Image: Twitter

15 Dec 2021

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