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Is Cringe Ko Main Kya Naam Dun? Abhijit Bichukale Declares Devoleena Will Fall In Love With Him Soon

From Karan Kundrra-Tejasswi Prakash to Umar Riaz-Rashami Desai, the Bigg Boss 15 contestants seem to be suffering from a serious case of ‘pyaar ka bukhar.’ In fact, love stories are the only legit track that the viewers have been able to witness this season. And while it might not be doing much for the audience who are missing the trademark Bigg Boss chaos and drama, the romances are kinda working alright for us. We don’t mind #TejRan’s crackling chemistry and, in fact, look forward to it in every episode. Even with Umar and Rashami, we definitely dig their beautiful bond and have been eagerly waiting to see what happens next. However, ‘all good things come to an end’ and it is Abhijit Bichukale who has taken it upon himself to do the honours now.

Well, the man has had us really confused with his mysterious ways since his entry into the Bigg Boss house. And while we were kind of anticipating that all hell will break loose with his antics, Abhijit has certainly surpassed our expectations with the latest turn of events. What has he done now, you ask? Well, Mr HH (Handsome Hunk) Abhijit has made a very interesting (read, flabbergasting) prediction. According to him, Devoleena Bhattacharjee is about to fall in love with him soon. “Tu jaldi pyaar mein giregi mere…(You’ll soon fall head over heel in love with me),” he was heard telling the actress in the live feed last night and well, we don’t know how to react to that kind of confidence.


In fact, looks like Abhijit has been on the mission of making her fall for him all this while and isn’t leaving any stones unturned. For starters, he has been referring to the actress as “Japani gudiya” and has already told Devoleena that he does not take anyone’s name ‘coz that ends up making their career and he will do it only for her. The other day he was also seen trying to force her to eat from the same apple that he had taken multiple bites from and well if this is not A+ cringe we really don’t know what is. Here, watch it for yourself:

Jokes apart, Abhijit is not definitely coming off well on TV. He is misogynistic and has said a lot of problematic things about women. Rashami Desai and Shamita Shetty had also raised this problem during the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode where they talked about all the name-calling and sexism that he has been doing in the Bigg Boss house.

Surprisingly, Abhijit was entirely different with Shamita on his first day in the show and even tried buttering her up and forging a bond. He went to the extent of offering her a work project with him and guess, it is Shamita’s lack of interest in all the unsolicited advances that ticked him off. Well, we will go ahead and call this spade a spade now ‘coz whatever Abhijit is trying to do is downright creepy. For someone, who has a way of twisting his words and giving convenient explanations for every time he goes wrong, we hope the man treads this path very carefully. After all, when Rakshi Sawant accused him of constantly staring at Shamita, he had himself declared that he is a married man and won’t do “any such thing.”

Here’s hoping that Abhijit keeps his marriage in mind before doing something that gets him kicked out of the house!

Featured Image: Twitter

07 Dec 2021

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