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Want To Switch Things Up In The Bedroom? 7 Standing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

Want To Switch Things Up In The Bedroom? 7 Standing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

If there’s one position that many of us want to try and master, it is standing-up sex. However, no matter how much fun it looks in movies or porn, it can get complicated in real-life. Stand-up sex can be a lot harder than it looks for a number of reasons. Some of them include but aren’t limited to height difference, arm strength or just wrong angles. So, in today’s lesson of how to get an orgasm the right way, we will list down 7 standing sex positions that will not only guarantee the big O but will also help you enjoy your sesh a tad more than usual. 

Standing Sex Positions For All

Being able to have sex standing up will add a lot of variety to your sex life. Here are 7 sex positions that you can choose from. 

The table top


Standing sex does not always mean that both the partners have to stand up while they’re at it. In this position, the partner who is receiving can lay flay on their back on a table that’s high enough for the other partner to penetrate. The partner enters from the front standing up. This position also allows both the partners to focus on the rest of the body parts too. 

Stand-up doggy

If you love a classic doggy style, you’d love this one too. In this position, the partner who is receiving bends down standing up while the other penetrates from behind. This ensures deep thrusting and will get you to orgasm really quickly!

The standing spoon


Just like how spooning in bed is one of the most intimate positions of all times, spooning standing up will also make you feel as close to your partner. In this position, the partner who receives stands in front facing their back towards the other partner who penetrates from behind. This position will be a lot more fun if both the partners can match each other’s height. 

The traditional stand up

Sometimes, all you need is to try out something simple… but with a twist. A classic stand up will be great for you if you love all things simple. However, for the twist, it is ideal to lift one leg up in the air for easy penetration. In this position, both the partners stand face-to-face in front of each other while the one who is receiving can lift one of their legs up while they’re at it. 

Stand up oral


When you talk about stand up sex, it does not always have to involve intercourse. In this position, either of the partners can sit on a tabletop or kitchen counter while the other performs oral on them. This will be a great way to kickstart your session!

The holding up position

Want to make sure you burn tons of calories while having sex? You have got to try this position out. The partner who penetrates has to hold the other partner while standing up. The partner who is receiving can wrap their legs around them to make a grip while the former penetrates. This position could be a bit challenging for a lot of couples but we assure you it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Stand up missionary


Sex with accessories is too hot to handle. Especially for couples with a height difference. Case in point: Heels! You can totally try this with a stand-up missionary where both the partners face each other and one penetrates the other standing up. 

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04 Aug 2020

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