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7 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings Are Much More Fun Than Gala Weddings!

7 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings Are Much More Fun Than Gala Weddings!

Not everything is about showshaa, right? While extravagant weddings are great, intimate weddings have a certain charm to them. From Virat-Anushka to Neha-Angad, even our fave Bollywood celebs gave the glitzy extravaganza a miss and opted for small, intimate affairs. And why not? It maximises your time with your loved ones, letting you relax and enjoy each and every moment. Plus, it dials down the family drama time, so I’m up for it. To convince you further, we list out seven reasons why intimate weddings are much more. Read on…

1. Spending time with your loved ones is easier

Of course, there are people who matter to you more than the rest. Your intimate family members, your cousins and friends who have taken time out from their busy schedules to be a part of your wedding. The fewer the number of guests, the more time you get with your loved ones.

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2. A wider choice of wedding venues 

It’s true. You often struggle to find a venue with a capacity of 500-600 people. Your venue options get a lot easier with fewer guests. And yes, destination weddings get a lot more real and affordable. And guess what? Even if you invite a few extra, it’s only your closest friends and family who take the effort of coming to your destination wedding. 

3. Intimate weddings are a boon for the introvert bride

Not every bride likes to be the centre of attention. Some like to keep it calm and prefer to stay away from the limelight. And that’s when an intimate wedding comes to their rescue. Keeping your guest list small will help you be yourself and let you enjoy every moment of your big day.

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4. You spend on the right things

Spending on 500 plates of food can pinch the best of us. And that too when you don’t even know half of these people! Instead, why not spend on the people who matter? In fact, you can then use the extra money and spend it on what you really want to. Fancy decor or an amazing photo booth, hell yeah! 

5. Dials off the family drama

Weddings call for tons of family drama and tons of relatives who you never knew existed. From asking you uncomfortable questions to free advice on family planning, you’ll probably be subjected to it all. So, if you’re just as uncomfortable with such situations, it’s better to keep your guest list to a minimal. 

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6. Make it memorable for the guests too

We all want our wedding to be an ideal wedding which will leave our guests in awe. But often, it loses its charm in the crowd. The little details are lost in the crowd of 500 people. An intimate setup ensures that you can go the extra mile for your guests and even they’re happy to be a part of your special day. 

7. You get to spend time with your better half too!

Now that is of utmost importance! Often, the bride and groom don’t even get time to talk to each other during the grand festivities. If you want to truly enjoy your wedding with your hubby and be able to soak in every little moment of the most special day in your life, you’ve got to keep things simple and subtle.

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13 Jul 2018

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