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32 Perfect Lohri Gift Ideas For Newlyweds!

32 Perfect Lohri Gift Ideas For Newlyweds!

India is a land of cultural diversity and with the sheer number of festivals that we have, every day is a celebration. One such festival is Lohri. Celebrated in the winter time, it is a folk festival observed by Hindus and Sikhs of the Punjab region. Falling usually on the 13th of January every year, according to popular belief Lohri marks the end of the winter season in the area. It is also, traditionally, the beginning of longer days of winter and the welcome of the Sun into the Northern Hemisphere. As land-based on agriculture, Lohri is especially meaningful to Punjabis because it signifies the time to harvest Rabi crops.

For the newlyweds this is a festival of abundance and new beginnings, considering the day after Lohri, Makar Sankranti, is the financial new year for the Punjabi farmers. That’s why the gifts for the couples have to be even more thoughtful and meaningful. The gifts don’t have to necessarily be expensive, but they should convey your good wishes to the couple. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of gifts under various categories that’ll both fit your budget and be loved by the newlyweds you’re gifting them to!


Under Rs 1,000
Under Rs 5,000
Under Rs 10,000
Personalized Gifts
Most Unique Gifts
Significance and Ways To Celebrate Lohri

Lohri Gift Ideas For Newlyweds & Married Couples

First lohri for newlyweds is surely special. And if you want to make their first festival even more special, then be ready to get your hands on these perfect lohri gifts ideas for newlyweds that we have penned down for you all.

Practical Gifts Under Rs 1,000

1. A Cube Terrarium


It is said that before a couple has a child, they should take care of a plant together. As the look after the plant, tending to its needs and preventing it from wilting, they’ll also learn to work together. A terrarium with a cute plant will make for the best gift then.
Buy it here for Rs 999.

2. Jewellery Holder

Newlyweds are still decorating their homes so any little addition to their collection is always welcome. And if it comes in the form of this 3D jewellery holder, they’ll thank you for it. With this on the dresser, they’ll both be able to leave their knick-knacks on it before falling asleep.
Buy it here for Rs 599.

3. Decision Maker Paperweight
It may sound like a weird gift to give to a newlywed couple but you might just be helping them out more than you realize. When they’re still getting to know each other, they might disagree on things, that’s when this paperweight will help make their lives easier.
Buy it here for Rs 899.

4. Scratch World Map
Every couple needs to travel together to get to know each other better! With this adorable Scratch World Map that they can put on their walls, they can scratch off all the places they’ve been to. It’ll be a reminder of all the amazing memories they’ve made together and all the good times that are waiting for them.
Buy it here for Rs 999

5. Cushion Covers
Get a set of quirky king and queen cushion covers for the newlywed couple to help them decorate their new home with the vibe of love. It will add the right colors and happy feels to their home. And as festivals call for new home decor, this will make a perfect lohri gift for newlyweds.
Buy it here for Rs 1,000

6. Napkin Rings
Make entertaining more fun for the couple with these cute brass poker napkin rings. Who doesn’t love quirky things especially when they come in the shape of the suits of playing cards like hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs? We know we do! 
Buy it here for Rs 999

7. Glass Candle Set 

A refreshing and soothing aura is all we need! And scented candles surely make an excellent gift. So, get a set of 5 scented candles for the newlyweds to make things a little more exciting. Also, the prints, ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Happiness’ on the candles can be considered as a blessing from your side.
Buy it here for Rs 799

Lohri Gifts For Newlyweds Under Rs 5,000

1. Stars For Couples

Some grand gestures for newlyweds are always fun and welcome. Name two stars after the couple and every time they look at the sky, they’ll thank you for making them a small part of the big solar system.
Buy it here for Rs 2,450

2. Heng Balance Lamp

Everyone loves quirky decor pieces and when you find out how to switch on this lamp, it’ll become a must-have. Available in three colours, it uses static equilibrium to work!
Buy it here for Rs 3,799

3. A Cake Stand
lohri gifts for newlyweds
It’s difficult to find gifts for couples and that’s what makes tableware and home decor such good and safe options. With the constant stream of guests at the couple’s home, it becomes important to have the correct platters. That’s what makes this cake stand such an ideal gift. They can use it for other purposes like serving finger food too!
Buy it here for Rs 2790

4. Bar Box Set

Bar accessories are a must have and this portable bar box is amazing for all their drinking needs. Now they can make any place a bar for them and their friends. Car-o-bar, anyone?
Buy it here for Rs 4,290

5. A Tissue Box

This may sound like a weird gift but it will definitely be a much-needed addition to their tableware, one that might have skipped their minds. And if the tissue box is so pretty, can you stop yourself from gifting it?
Buy it here for Rs 1,317

6. Skipping Rope
A downside of being a newlywed is all the calories you are forced to consume. So, a wireless skipping rope is perfect to help shed the extra calories they might have piled on.
Buy it here for Rs 1,914

7. A Carpet
A beautiful carpet can totally make or break a room’s final look. But if picked carefully, it can look extremely classy. That’s what makes it such an amazing gift. This solid pattern carpet will surely add another dimension to any room of the house!
Buy it here for Rs 1,139

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Practical Gifts Under Rs 10,000

1. Ruffle Bed Cover

It is a tradition to gift the newlyweds’ quilts and bed covers on Lohri. You can totally continue this tradition by gifting this amazing ruffle bed cover to the couple, which is so on point, thanks to everyone’s current ruffles fixation.
Buy it here for Rs 7,990

2. Jewellery

Jewellery is always a good last minute idea if you can’t find anything else. In our culture, jewellery is considered a form of blessings from the elders. And how gorgeous are these White Sapphire and Emerald Teardrop Earrings?
Buy it here for Rs 7,800

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3. Lotus Flower Ceramic Wall Sculptures

A tastefully decorated home is a reflection of the people living in it. Also, adding a piece of visual interest always serves as a conversation starter. That’s why this sculpture is perfect for a couple who loves all things unconventional.
Buy it here for Rs 5,990

4. A Touch Of Magic
Every marriage needs a little bit of magic to keep things going smoothly. Laughter, gratefulness and love are forms of magic. With this ‘A little magic can take you a long way’ wall art, the newlyweds will be always reminded to believe in happy endings.
Buy it here for Rs 8,990

5. A Cutlery Set

Another great addition to their dinnerware collection. Pierre Faux Marble Gold Cutlery Set is so beautiful that it’s a must-have for every couple.
Buy it here for Rs 6,900

6. Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

Lohri is all about celebrations, even if the new couple isn’t celebrating the festival pervasively, they can still enjoy to the fullest by switching on Alexa and grooving on their favourite songs under romantic lights.
Buy it here for Rs 9,999

Personalised Gifts For The Newlyweds

1. Passport Cover

Lohri marks the beginning of a new season and with these passport covers, you can give the couple a new start to their married life. They’ll constantly be reminded of you as they explore the world together!
Buy it here for Rs 599 each

2. Handmolds
We recently found out that Farah Khan gifted DeepVeer a beautiful mold of their hands at their wedding! You can do the same for the newlyweds. This will be an ode to their unbreakable bond and everlasting love.
Buy it here. Price on request.

3. Personalised Stationery

As a fan of stationery, I know how much it means to me when someone gifts me personalised items. So, present the couple a gift box of money envelopes, tags and notecards, all personalised with their initials. Every time they have to give a gift to someone, they’ll remember you for this thoughtful gift.
Buy it here for Rs 3,000

4. A Mosaic Art
A photo frame is passe. Mosaic is an art form that’ll let you gift the couple a portrait of them, made using several other pictures of theirs. Doesn’t this sound so interesting? Does to us!
Buy it here for Rs 1,590

5. Matching Monogram Accessories
We found the cutest matching accessories set online. You can get the initials of both their first names monogrammed – on cufflinks for the guy and on the bangle for the girl.
Buy the cufflinks here starting from Rs 7,850 and buy the bangle here starting from Rs 7,450

6. Glasses With Their Names
They say the couple that drinks together, stays together. Do we need any more reasons to give them glasses with their names embossed on them?
Buy it here for Rs 1,299

The Most Unique Gifts We Found Online

1. A Dinner Date To Remember

The best gift you can give to a married couple doesn’t necessarily have to be online. You can also give them an experience that they’ll cherish for a long time to come. So help them make memories by gifting them a romantic dinner at the luxurious Lutyens Resort.
Buy it here for Rs 9,450

2. A Tea Treasure Chest

There is nothing better than a cup of steaming hot tea on a cold winter evening. This set of 4 luxury tea blends is a perfect gift for the couple who can’t get enough of their garam chai ki pyaali.
Buy it here for Rs 4,999

3. Fish Ceramic Wall Sculptures
In Feng Shui, fishes symbolise wealth and abundance. For a newlywed, there is no better aashirwad than wishing them a life full of abundance. That’s what makes this set of fish wall sculptures an amazing gift!
Buy it here for Rs 3,870

4. A Panda Photo Holder
As soon as I saw this cute photo holder, complete with little photo clips, it made me think about how absolutely adorable it would look with a Polaroid from every city the couple has travelled. Am I right?
Buy it here for Rs 1,595

5. Scented Candles
Candles are used nowadays not only to make sure your house smells amazingly delicious but because different scents actually have different properties. For instance, lavender has calming and relaxing qualities making it a must-have for every home. You can buy a few different scents and put together a hamper for the couple.
Buy it here for Rs 399 each

6. A Dreamcatcher

lohri gift ideas
The perfect symbol of happiness and positivity, a dreamcatcher is supposed to catch your bad dreams and let only the good ones through. So, for a newly married couple, celebrating their first festival of abundance, could anything be more perfect?
Buy it here for Rs 1,099

Lohri Celebrations- Significance And Ways To Celebrate

Lohri is a significant festival, especially for the newlyweds. Here is the way to celebrate lohri and its significance. Have a look!

Significance Of Lohri

There are a lot of folklores around Lohri. But there are three primary reasons Lohri is celebrated with all the aplomb and dhoom dhadaka!

  • As mentioned above, it marks the time for harvest of Rabi crops, mainly sugarcane. This marks the beginning of the harvest season – a season of prosperity for Punjabis.
  • The story of Prahlad is another reason why Lohri is celebrated. According to the lores, Prahlad was a great devotee of Waheguru. Prahlad’s father ordered the two sisters Holika and Lohri to enter the fire with Prahlad. While Holika perished in the fire, Lohri survived, marking the beginning of the festival.
  • The third and final reason is to celebrate the spirit of Dulha Bhatti. He, like a Punjabi version of Robin Hood, would rob the rich and distribute the loot amongst the poor. Once he adopted a girl who he had rescued after she was forcibly taken away from her family. He then got her married to a respectable boy and as a wedding gift, gave her a kilo of sugar. On Lohri, a lot of songs are sung in his praise to express gratitude and remind people how he was their hero and always helped people in distress.

How Is Lohri Celebrated?

On the day of the festival, little kids visit houses in the neighborhood asking for gifts and singing folk songs like Sunder Mundriye. They are usually given a mix of sweets, savouries and money. But they are never turned away empty-handed.

first lohri gift for bride

In the evening, people dress up and wear new clothes to celebrate the festival. Every home lights a bonfire and throws a variety of food items in the bonfire like gachak, rewari, peanuts, til, popcorn and gur. These food offerings are significant as they represent the end of the old year and the beginning of the new on the next day, i.e Makar Sankranti. If in the previous year, there was a significant event in the family, usually the marriage or birth of a child, then the festival holds greater significance for the family in question. In that case, the family has a celebration where they invite their loved ones and dance on dhol while feasting on traditional Punjabi cuisine like sarson ka saag, makke di roti and kheer.

Lohri happens to fall around the same time as Pongal, Bhogali Bihu and Bhogi. The day before Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Makara Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh is called Bhogi. On this day, people discard old and useless things while bringing in new things that’ll help bring about a transformation. The disposal of old things is seen as a symbolic gesture of letting go of old habits, vices and attachments that do not serve them anymore. It also represents the purification of the soul by imbibing divine virtues.

Have a fun time shopping these amazing lohri gifts for newlyweds and let us know which gifts you liked the most!

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