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10 Relationship Jokes That Will Make *Every* Couple LOL!

10 Relationship Jokes That Will Make *Every* Couple LOL!

Relationships are hard work. Yes, we said it! You have to put in effort and constantly put your emotions on display. It’s tough, we get it! The best way to make the tough easy, however, is to laugh at your own misery. With the dating jokes below you don’t even have to laugh alone. Get your partner together and enjoy all the things you don’t enjoy about being in a relationship!

1. Well, we all know that to be true!

1 dating jokes

Source: Brian Gaar on Twitter

2. Being yourself is important, right?

2 dating jokes

Source: EnvyDaTropic on Twitter

3. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry

3 dating jokes

Source: 9GAG

4. Food over everything else, always!

4 dating jokes

Source: Amanda Hugnkiss on Twitter

5. Well, as long as the ritual is romantic…

5 dating jokes

Source: Elizabeth Hackett on Twitter

6. Oh, BTW, did you mean he is?

6 dating jokes

Source: Tumblr

7. Even angels have their wicked schemes!

7 dating jokes

Source: Sophia Benoit on Twitter

8. After all, we’re each other’s special support system!

8 dating jokes

Source: Tumblr

9. Different is good?

9 dating jokes

Source: 9GAG

10. That moment when bae is being romantic… Almost!

10 dating jokes

Source: 9GAG

Are you laughing yet? We know we are!

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