Got A Video Interview Coming Up? 6 Ways To Look Good & Feel Confident

Got A Video Interview Coming Up? 6 Ways To Look Good & Feel Confident

Ever since the pandemic started in 2020, our lives have changed forever. Face masks have become like second skin and doing everything online is the new normal.  Fortunately or unfortunately, this also applies to interviews if you are on the lookout for a new job. 

Virtual interviews come with their own set of pros and cons. On one hand, you’re missing out on the opportunity to physically meet your potential new employers and office. On the flip side, you have the chance to give your interview within your own comfort zone, which can make you less nervous. If you have a virtual interview coming up, follow our easy-peasy tips to look good and feel confident:

Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Before any event that requires you to be your best, getting a solid eight hours of sleep is very important. This ensures that you wake up not only looking refreshed and rested, but also feel energised and confident. So make sure you sleep on time the night before your interview, no matter how nervous you might be.

Location, Location, Location

You need to pay close attention to your background during a virtual interview, as a cluttered one will make you as well as the interviewers uncomfortable. Make sure you set your computer at a location in which the background is not too distracting. In general, avoid using your bedroom for the interview. Picking a clean room with an uncluttered background is your best bet!

Wear A Power Outfit


When it comes to interviews, appearances matter, because they help you make the first impression. Even if a company’s work culture is casual, you need to look professional during the interview. So you sure don’t want to look or feel shabby. We suggest you put on a professional outfit that makes you look and feel confident and beautiful. Our go-to is a crisp shirt, tailored trousers and a power blazer—it screams confidence!

Groom Yourself

Since this is an interview, you obviously need to be careful about your makeup. You cannot sport a smokey eye and bright purple lip! That being said, wearing subtle makeup that enhances your features can make you feel good, which eases your anxiety. So layer on some mascara, glide on your favourite lipstick and blow-dry your hair—you deserve to look your best!

Eat Your Favourite Food


We’re not saying you should stuff yourself silly before an interview—that can have not-so-favourable consequences. However, comfort food is known to boost your mood and ease your anxiety. And all you want to do is feel good before an interview, right? So go ahead and have a small portion of your favourite meal or eat that chocolate you love.

Keep Something That Comforts You

Mental health experts suggest that holding on to or looking at something that comforts you during anxious situations can be of great help. This could mean your favourite mug that you can sip coffee out of, or a piece of jewellery that holds sentimental value. Whenever you feel nervous, touching these objects can ground and centre you.

We hope these tips help you look and feel your best during your virtual interview. Remember to stay positive and #KhayalRakhna.

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