Ouch! 20 Painful Thoughts Every Girl Has While Getting Her Eyebrows Threaded

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Having well-matched brows is a blessing!

Whether you get them done once every two weeks or prefer to channel your inner Cara Delevingne, your brows can make or break your entire look. Don't believe us? Then try plucking just a few strands off your brows and we bet you'll scream louder than your boyfriend ever made you.

But seriously, do you realise how much trust we put in the hands of our parlour wali didi to keep our brows looking on fleek? So, if you are someone who relies on threading to keep your brows in shape, then you gotta read these hilarious thoughts that you'll totally relate to.

Thoughts We All Have While Getting Our Brows Done

Nobody likes to sit on the parlour chair with their brows stretched out while the parlour wali didi makes us wince with pain but we do it anyway. With that being said, here are some thoughts we all have while getting our brows threaded.

1) It feels like I just got my brows done. Why do they grow so fast?

2) Why are they looking extra bushy in these lights?

3) She's applying the powder, it's time to scream...internally!

4) Why can't I get it right? I've done this a million times already! Seriously, how does one stretch these brows? Argh!

5) It hurts. It hurts. This really hurts.

6) Why do I do this to myself every month?

7) Why is she doing it so fast?

8) Should I ask her to stop for a second?

9) Thank God this is done. Now, onto the next brow.

10) Wait, am I wearing my eyeliner? Oh no, I've ruined it now.

11) Seriously, can she please slow it down. I'm like dying a slow death here.

12) Why can't I pluck them at home? At least I can shout in peace.

13) Finally! Let me look at the mirror to see if they match or not.

14) Why does the left one look a little thicker?

15) Should I ask her to do it again? Or I'll just fix it using an eyebrow powder when I do my makeup.

16) No, I'll ask her to fix it. After all, I'm paying for this.

17) Stretching them again. Why. Can't. I. Just. Do. It. Right?

18) OUCH.

19) Finally, it's done.

20) Yass, I look so good!

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