25-Year-Old Cara Delevingne Is The Face For Dior’s Anti-Ageing Line & We Aren’t Amused

25-Year-Old Cara Delevingne Is The Face For Dior’s Anti-Ageing Line & We Aren’t Amused

The term anti-ageing is too confined for women in this day and age. The concept of numbers and wrinkles defining what ageing meant was taken out of the mix a while ago. It is a natural process that one must embrace and appreciate. But looks like Dior doesn’t agree.

The iconic luxury brand announced 25-year-old Cara Delevingne to be the face of its Capture Youth (anti-ageing) line, which, as per the website, “corrects all visible signs of ageing to reveal a radiant youthful beauty.”

The news was declared by the brand in their social media post last week and as expected, it received mixed reactions from all over the world including a foray of sensible reactions.  

“Don’t think I’ll be wasting 💰 on this product line since as clearly you don’t have much confidence in its abilities,” one comment read.

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British model Cara Delevingne has been known for her daring beauty choices. She first rose to fame for her bushy eyebrows. In the past year, she’s been quite active in making news for shaving her head, painting it silver and more. And now, she’s in the headlines for her revealing cover shoot for Chaos Sixty Nine. But her Dior move has left her fans surprised.   

We haven’t seen any response from either the brand or Delevingne. But according to W, the line intends to target the younger audience, “those who haven't yet given thought to wrinkle-preventing regimes, aiming to delay any signs of ageing even before they appear.”

As much as we encourage a healthy skincare routine, having a 25-year-old’s wrinkle-free face to attract the audience for an anti-ageing cream doesn’t look like a fair decision. It only endorses the unrealistic beauty standards.

Directly or subliminally, conveying and convincing women that they aren’t good enough, is something the beauty industry has been accused of for ages and it can’t be denied. Dior’s decision to compare or I don’t know combine this age gap, seems like an addition to the same.

If you are wondering why this declaration is hyped as compared to the others then, we would love to tell you that it’s because not every beauty brand is getting it wrong. In March, L'Oréal Professionnel had cast Twinkle Khanna as its brand ambassador for their anti-ageing range and Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren have been a part of its international campaigns for both anti-ageing products and other cosmetics. And for what it’s worth, Helen Mirren was the face on the September cover of Allure. With that issue, the magazine banned the term “anti-ageing.” Olay has had Kajol and Ellen DeGeneres on the role.

The point is, anti-ageing products have been there and will continue to have a rich market till people, either start using all-natural ways to defy or delay ageing or start embracing this natural process gracefully. Until then, there’s no ceasing for this category of beauty products. But as a well-known brand, there will always be better and responsible ways to market a product that looks into a sensitive area and this definitely is not one of them.