Make The Breast Of It: 6 Weird Things That Happen To Your Boobs That Are Totally Normal

Make The Breast Of It: 6 Weird Things That Happen To Your Boobs That Are Totally Normal

As we grow older, our bodies keep changing and evolving but you don't need to be Einstien to know that. One part of the body that we all have questions about since we start hitting puberty is our boobs. While there's probably nothing wrong with them, it's totally normal to wonder if they're the right size (news flash: all boobs are the right size), lumpy or odd? Trust us, we've all been there.

In today's edition of accepting our bodies as they are, we're here to tell you about the things that you may find weird about your breasts but are in fact, totally normal. 

One Boob Is Bigger Than The Other

If you've noticed that your one boob is bigger than the other, it's actually very common. Especially when they start developing, breasts can grow out at different paces and that's fine. Eventually they will start to look similar, though maybe still not identical.

You Have Hairy Nipples

Ever noticed some strands around your nipples? Well, that's totally okay! Just like any other part of your skin your areolas also have hair but if you want you can always pluck them with tweezers or trim them with scissors. If they are too many, you could visit a doctor to check if it isn't a hormonal issue.

You Have Skin Tone Variation

Breasts like other parts of your skin can vary in colour and pigmentation. This could be because of hormonal reasons, sun exposure, or discolouration. Most of the time this is completely normal and okay but if you are worried, it won't hurt to get it checked by a doctor.

Your Breasts Get Sore Sometimes

When your breasts are growing, they do get sore because the muscle is stretching from inside. There are hormones being released and so your breasts could feel tender to the touch. If you have larger boobs, they could even feel sore from rubbing against clothing or from bouncing a lot. Sometimes breasts feel especially sore during your period and that's fine, but if the soreness doesn't go away and they continue to feel painful, consult a doctor.


You Have Stretch Marks On Your Boobs

Ladies, stretch marks everywhere are FINE. They usually happen when your breasts grow quickly during weight gain, pregnancy, and puberty. They are super common and you have no need to worry about them!


Differently Shaped Boobs

Boobs come in all different sizes and shapes and that's A-okay! Some are tinier, some are larger and protrude outwards, some sag a little more and others are firmer--all of these are just fine. You don't have to compare yours with someone else's and feel underconfident. Your body is yours and it's gorgeous, girl.

It's breast we accept them!

Featured Image: Pexels