#SoleSearching: The Best Foot Creams That Will Put You On The Path To Happy Feet

#SoleSearching: The Best Foot Creams That Will Put You On The Path To Happy Feet

The past few months of quarantine gave us plenty of time to figure out our skin type and accordingly create a proper skincare regimen. While this is great, there is still one part of the body that goes through a lot during the day and yet it receives little to no attention --- we’re talking about the feet. While you may have a list of day and night serums for your face, how many foot creams or foot scrubs have you invested in over the years? We’re pretty sure that the answer to this question for most people will be none! There is a common misunderstanding that creams for feet are only for those above the age of 50 but that’s not true! Just like any other skincare product, the earlier you start using a moisturizing foot cream, the better it is for your skin in the long run. So, along with finding the right products for your face, you also need to figure the best foot creams out there which are perfect for the skin on your feet. 

Keep in mind that the epidermis on the feet is subjected to plenty of stressors like injuries, weight-bearing, pressure, friction, etc., and yet it is the most underrated part of the body. Throughout the day we are on our feet, either working or running around trying to complete errands. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the feet which causes the skin to expand outwards. If your skin lacks moisture and is extremely dry, it can lead to cracks. People who suffer from medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, eczema, hypothyroidism, are more prone to developing calluses or cracked feet. In order to help your feet maintain moisture and stay soft and supple, you need to include a moisturizing foot cream to your daily beauty routine. 

We combed through the internet and gathered the top foot care creams in India. Whether you’re on the lookout for the best foot creams for cracked heels, or foot care creams to treat corns and calluses, keep on scrolling to find a product your feet will love.

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    Best Foot Moisturising Creams In India

    Your feet deserve only the best so pamper them with some of the best foot moisturising creams available in the country. 

    Bath & Body Works Shea Butter Super Soft Foot Cream

    Skin Care

    Bath & Body Works Shea Butter Super Soft Foot Cream

    INR 1,499 AT Bath & Body Works

    Bath & Body Works have become a cult-favourite world over and for good reason. If you’re a fan, then this foot cream needs to be added to your beauty arsenal. Made with shea butter, avocado oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil, this is the best foot moisturising cream as it seeps deep within the epidermis and nourishes skin, leaving you with soft, supple feet. 

    Himalaya Wellness Foot Care Cream

    Skin Care

    Himalaya Wellness Foot Care Cream

    INR 110 AT Himalaya

    When it comes to the best Ayurvedic brands, Himalaya takes the number one spot. They also have one of the best foot creams for cracked heels. The Himalaya Wellness Foot Care Cream is enriched with the goodness of honey, turmeric, fenugreek seeds and sal tree extract which help heal cracked feet and leave them feeling soft and smooth within no time. Best of all, this foot care cream doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

    Life & Pursuits Real Organic Heal The Cracks Organic Foot Cream

    Skin Care

    Life & Pursuits Organic Foot Crack Cream For Dry Cracked Heels & Feet

    INR 239 AT Life & Pursuits

    Looking for something organic? Then this product is just for you. The Life & Pursuits Real Organic Foot Cream is made up of 95% certified organic ingredients with no parabens, silicones or other chemicals. If you are suffering from dry or cracked feet and looking for the best foot creams for cracked heels, then give this product a shot. 

    WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Foot Cream


    WIPEOUT Germ Killing Foot Cream

    INR 149 AT MyGlamm

    Since we now live in a virus-filled world, we now need to pick even the basic things that have disinfecting powers like sanitizing foot care products. One such product is disinfecting foot creams that do not only moisturize the feet but keep bacterias at the bay. And MyGlamm's WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Foot Cream is just the right kind of foot cream we all need. Enriched with natural ingredients, this foot care cream kills any disease-causing germs that may have settled on your feet while leaving the skin soft, smooth and moisturised.

    Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E Foot Magic


    Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic

    INR 318 AT Palmer's

    Your search for the best foot cream for hard skin is finally over. Made with pure Cocoa Butter, and enriched with Vitamin E and other natural emollients, this foot care cream penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis and revitalizes, softens and smooths rough, dry skin.  

    Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Heel Peel Cracked Heel Eliminator Coffee

    Skin Care

    Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals HeelPeel Cracked Heel Eliminator

    INR 300 AT Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals

    Cracked heels can cause a lot of discomfort and for a few, it can also be painful, but the good news is that it is treatable. This foot care cream is enriched with kokum butter, sodium PCA, and yeast which when combined, effectively repairs troublesome calluses and cracks, leaving the feet moisturised and supple. With its unique formulation, you can also say goodbye to dry feet for good and needn’t worry about it recurring again. If you're looking for the best foot cream for calluses and cracked skin, give Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals HeelPeel Cream a try.

    Kama Ayurveda Foot Cream

    Bath & Body

    Kama Ayurveda Foot Cream

    INR 695 AT Kama Ayurveda

    Powered by a unique blend of pure, organic ingredients, this foot care cream keeps the feet soft and happy. The cold-pressed sweet almond & coconut oil along with Vitamin A, E and other minerals help reduce dryness, remove dead skin cells and increase skin elasticity while the blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and kokum butter penetrates deep into the skin and softens dry heels and gets rid of callus.

    CeraVe Renewing SA Foot Cream

    Skin Care

    CeraVe Renewing System, Sa Renewing Foot Cream

    INR 3,020 AT CeraVe Renewing System

    If you’re searching for the best foot creams for corns and don’t suffer from any major health problems like diabetes, look for products with salicylic acid. This ingredient is known to dissolve dead skin and the keratin protein that makes up the corn. The CeraVe Renewing SA Foot Cream contains essential ceramides and salicylic acid which help restore the skin’s barrier, regenerate the skin and even exfoliate and remove dead cell buildup.

    L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

    Bath & Body

    L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

    INR 750 AT L'Occitane

    Looking for the best foot moisturising cream, try the L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream. This foot care cream is made up of 15% shea butter and contains antiseptic A.O.C. lavender essential oil which effectively heals tired feet and reduces redness and irritation.

    Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème

    Skin Care

    Burts Bees Foot Creme

    INR 2,397 AT Burts Bees

    If money is not an issue when it comes to picking the best cream for foot care, then check out Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème. Enriched 99.4% natural ingredients like coconut oil and powered by a blend of botanical extracts, this foot care cream deeply moisturises dry, hard feet, leaving the skin soft, refreshed and rejuvenated. 

    Soultree Hand & Foot Cream

    Skin Care

    Soul Tree HAND & FOOT CREAM

    INR 495 AT Soul Tree

    Enriched with kokum butter, organic honey, aloe, turmeric and powered by organic sesame oil, coconut oil, apricot oil and almond oil, this hand and foot care cream soothes dry, cracked skin and promotes cell regeneration. 

    Just Herbs Pedisoft Calendula-Peppermint Crack Cure Foot Cream

    Skin Care

    JUST HERBS Pedisoft Calendula-Peppermint Crack Cure Foot Cream


    Enriched with Indian frankincense, sal tree, fenugreek and Indian barberry, this is one of the best foot creams for hard skin. With no petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, GMOs and other synthetic elements, you can count on this foot cream to restore your skin to its former softness without the use of any harmful ingredients. 

    Dot & Key Foot Cream: Deodorizer + Moisturizer

    Skin Care

    Dot & Key Foot Cream : Deodorizer + Moisturizer

    INR 356 AT Dot & Key

    Say goodbye to bad odour and hello to soft, fresh feet with this foot care cream. Enriched with antiperspirant properties, along with calming lavender, camphor and peppermint oil, this is the best foot moisturising cream when it comes to fighting sweat and odour-producing microbes. Its unique blend of ingredients also soothes dry feet and repairs cracked heels.

    Advanced Clinicals 8Oz Callus Cream

    Skin Care

    Advanced Clinicals 8Oz Callus Cream. Best Foot Cream For Callus And Rough Spots.

    INR 2,499 AT Advanced Clinicals

    Suffering from terrible corns and calluses? Made with exfoliating Lactic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and replenishing Jojoba Oil, this foot care cream quenches dry, rough skin, renews the skin’s natural elasticity and reduces corns and calluses, leaving the skin soft and supple in no time. 


    What’s The Difference Between Hand And Foot Cream?

    Even though the skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body, it is not created equally. The epidermis on each part of the body is different, for example, the skin around your eyes is different from the skin on the rest of your face. In the same way, the skin on your hands is different from that on your feet. Because the skin on your feet is much thicker, goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout the day and is more prone to fungus and infections as compared to the skin on your hands, your ordinary hand creams won’t do a good job. Foot care creams specifically cater to this part of the epidermis as they contain more oils and are thicker in consistency, making it easier to penetrate the skin deeper and provide better treatment. Whether or not you suffer from hard, rough, dry skin, you need to include a foot cream in your daily routine.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using A Foot Cream Daily?

    The benefits of using foot care creams daily are endless.

    - Avoid Infections: When the skin is dry, it expands which leads to cracks or even bleeding. Bacteria and viruses can enter the body through these deep heel fissures, resulting in infections and illness. In order to avoid health issues, adding anti-bacterial foot care creams in your daily beauty routine not only helps heal cracked feet but also keeps the skin germ-free, soft and supple. 

    - Eliminate Smelly Feet: Using creams for feet daily keep the skin fresh for a long time, reduces the growth of fungi and eliminate any bad odour.

    - Reduces The Chances Of Cracked Feet In The Future: Including the best foot moisturising cream into your daily skincare routine in your 20s will help the skin stay soft, and reduce the risk of developing cracks, dry skin, red spots, and calluses in the long run.

    - Soothe Tired Feet: Foot cream for achy feet are enriched with oils and other natural ingredients that help tackle swelling, itching, and redness.

    - Helps You Relax: If you’ve had a stressful day or were on your feet for long hours, massaging foot care creams into the skin can be a very therapeutic experience. 

    Which Ingredients Are Good For Treating Dry And Cracked Feet?

    If you’re looking for the best foot creams for cracked heels or dry skin, choose foot creams that contain ingredients like urea, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, saccharide isomerate. These ingredients help moisturise, soften, and exfoliate dead skin.

    Which Are The Best Foot Creams For Corns and Calluses?

    Looking for specific foot creams for corns and calluses? This is what you need: 

    1. Advanced Clinicals 8Oz Callus Cream
    2. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème
    3. CeraVe Renewing SA Foot Cream

    Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s, it’s never too late to show your feet some love by treating them to the best foot moisturising creams.       

    Featured Image: Unsplash