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SOS Skincare: 10 Best Eczema Creams For A Soothing Relief

SOS Skincare: 10 Best Eczema Creams For A Soothing Relief

Eczema is one of the worst skincare curses that can take forever to go away. It causes extreme discomfort like irritated and patchy skin and often leads to extreme dryness which results in itchy and scaly skin conditions. Transform your old skincare routine with the best eczema creams in the game to save your skin from endless pain and discomfort. Here is a list of some of the best creams for eczema itching and dryness on hands, face and body. 

Best Anti-Itch Creams For Eczema 


While looking for the best anti-itch creams for eczema, make sure to look for the most moisturizing ones with the least amount of allergens in them. Here are our favourites: 

Vaseline Itch Relief Skin Protectant Cream

Eczema can cause itchiness and irritation due to severely dry skin. Use this Vaseline cream as an eczema treatment cream that offers instant and effective action on itchy skin. 

Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion

This is one of the best anti-itch creams for eczema. It provides long-lasting relief from itchy, dry and irritated skin due to eczema. It is formulated with a nourishing blend of vitamins A, C and E. 


Best Eczema Creams For Face 


While looking for the best eczema cream for face, make sure to find a heavy-duty moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores. It should be intensely nourishing and soothing at the same time. Here are our favourites: 

Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturizer

If you’re running out of options when looking for the best eczema creams for face, try this facial moisturizer by The Derma Co. It provides intense hydration and moisturizes it deeply. It can help calm down irritated and itchy skin. 

Atorep Barrier Cream For Atopic Skin

Formulated for atopic skin, this cream can also help provide relief from eczema related skin irritations and dryness. 

Best Eczema Creams For Hands


While looking for the best eczema creams for hands, find ones that are not too oily or leave a greasy residue. Greasy creams can make your palms oily and can hinder your daily activities. Here are our favourites: 


Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

If you experience itchy, dry and scaly skin on your hands due to eczema, try this hand cream by Kiehl’s. Its thick and rich formula helps to instantly moisturize and protect the skin on the hands and provides a soothing sensation to irritated skin. Hence, it can be used as a great eczema cream for the hands. 

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

This Cetaphil face & body lotion is infamous for its intensely moisturizing effect, hypoallergenic properties, and clean formula, thus, making it an acceptable eczema lotion for hands. 

Best Eczema Creams For Body 


While looking for the best eczema creams for body, go for a soothing and calming formula. Try to look for ingredients like shea butter, oats, aloe vera gel, etc. Here are our favourites: 

FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion

Formulated with instantly moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like oat milk and shea butter, this is one of the best eczema creams for body. 


Cutimax Lotion

Cutimax Lotion is a medicated lotion that is recommended for various skin conditions which include excessive skin irritation and itching, dryness and scaly skin. It can be a good body lotion to provide relief from eczema symptoms. 

Best Natural Eczema Creams 


Finding the best natural eczema cream can be a difficult task. While many natural ingredients are considered safe, they might not suit all skin types, so choose wisely. Here are some of our favourites: 

Sri Sri Tatva Twaqure Ointment

This eczema cream is enriched with naturally healing ingredients like Neem, Bakushi and Aragwada which can help in protecting sensitive skin against microbial infections and allergic conditions. 

The Moms Co. Natural Soothing Relief Lotion

This skin reliving lotion is formulated with naturally soothing and intensely moisturizing ingredients like colloidal oats, organic shea butter and aloe vera gel. It helps to calm irritated skin down and protects it from further damage. 



What should you look for in an eczema cream?

The best eczema cream or eczema lotion will be devoid of common allergens like parabens, formaldehyde releasers and will have a low water content or concentration in its formula. These formulas will have lesser preservatives, and will hence be non-irritative to the skin.  

Are eczema creams effective?

Topical steroids, eczema moisturizers, creams and lotions can help reduce inflammation caused on the skin. Their heavy duty moisturization can help heal the skin, along with providing a soothing sensation. So yes, eczema creams are effective to an extent with the correct medication and dermatologist’s advice.  

What do dermatologists recommend for eczema?

A dermatologist would prescribe you a topical steroid, oral treatments along with dietary and lifestyle changes depending on your age and condition for the best treatment. Their prescriptions might include eczema creams, eczema moisturizers and eczema lotions. 

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Which of these eczema treatment creams are a part of your eczema skincare routine?


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15 Nov 2021

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