Affordable skincare products that actually work!

Affordable skincare products that actually work!

The good thing about skincare is that expensive does not always equal better. So we rounded up the best skincare products for you - all under Rs 250 - that actually work! Get these affordable skincare products in your beauty arsenal and see how your skin thanks you!

1. Anatomicals Apricot Face Scrub

1 skincare products An essential skin care tip is to kick-start your skincare routine with a face scrub to take care of the dead skin and make cleansing easier and better. This paraben-free, affordable skin care product, enriched with walnut, mango, ginseng root, primrose oil and green tea leaf extract is as effective as it is prettily packaged. Price: Rs 175. Buy it here.

2. Lakme Gentle & Deep Pore Cleanser

2 skincare products This skin care product should be a must-have for every girl with normal to dry skin. It’s enriched with vitamin E to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. It’s a bestseller for a good reason, after all! Price: Rs 187. Buy it here.

3. Dove Deep Pure Face Wash

3 skincare products A gentle, moisturizing as well as an affordable face wash that’s ideal for everyday use. Get your daily glow on with this skincare product from Dove!  Price: Rs 105. Buy it here.

4. VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk

4 skincare products If you want an affordable skincare product that leaves you smelling oh-so-sweet and also moisturizes your skin, this sandal cleansing milk is what you need. It’s the perfect body care cleansing milk for every skin type too! Price: Rs 140. Buy it here.

5. Etheric Khus (Vetiver) Body Scrub

5 skincare products Khus, or vetiver, is an excellent exfoliator with other amazing benefits too! It relaxes your muscles after a long day, provides a cooling effect and takes care of body odour. So go ahead and get your hands on this affordable vetiver scrub for a gentle exfoliating and super relaxing shower experience!  Price: Rs 125. Buy it here.

6. Citrus Mowrah- Exfoliating Soap

6 skincare products To keep your body glowing, use this mildly exfoliating beauty bar from Burst Of Happyness. This affordable skincare product is great for regenerating dry skin. It also unclogs pores and leaves your skin looking polished and smelling fresh and fragrant.  Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

7. Botanic Love Anti-Acne Bar

7 skincare products Everyone with oily skin is always on the lookout for something that will help keep greasiness at bay. Well, this organic and handmade affordable skincare product is here to do just that! Go on and try it out, ladies!  Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

8. Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water

8 skincare products A skincare tip which has made its way through ages- using rose water for dry, oily or sensitive skin. Rose water is perfect for all of them! It works as a brilliant skin toner after cleansing to shrink pores and gives your skin a rosy glow. What more can you ask for in a product?  Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

9. Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner

9 skincare products When choosing a toner, make sure that it is alcohol-free so that it doesn’t dry your skin out. This affordable toner from Lakme will restore your skin’s pH balance and give your face a fresher feel in seconds. Price: Rs 232. Buy it here.

10. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock

10 skincare products This affordable sunscreen from Lotus is another MUST have for every girl. The matte finish makes it one of the best skincare products when it comes to sunscreens. And not only does it provide complete protection against the sun, it also acts as a tinted moisturizer for everyday use.  Price: Rs 196. Buy it here.

11. Fabindia Clove Cream for Acne Control

11 skincare products Every girl with oily skin should have this beauty product in her arsenal. This top-rated affordable skincare product from Fabindia controls excess sebum production without drying your skin out and helps prevent future breakouts.  Price: Rs 190. Buy it here.

12. Juicy Chemistry All Rounder Day Cream

12 skincare products Formulated with natural skin protecting benefits of red raspberry seed and carrot seed oil, this affordable day cream /moisturizer also doubles up as a sunscreen for the face and body! Who doesn’t love a single product with multiple benefits?!  Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

13. Sattvik Organics Saffron Care Day Cream

13 skincare products This mattifying day cream is all you need to nourish your skin and protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Use it every morning for luxuriously soft skin throughout the day!  Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

14. Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel

14 skincare products Whether it’s puffy eyes or dark circles, this amazing under eye gel from Fabindia will fight it! This affordable under-eye gel takes care of tired looking eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles on regular application.  Price: Rs 240. Buy it here.

15. Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

15 skincare products Essential oils and vitamins come together in this cream to replenish and repair your skin as you sleep! This budget-friendly night cream lightens pigmentation and gives you radiant skin overnight with regular use. Could there be an easier way to get the glow?  Price: Rs 200. Buy it here.

16. Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Night Cream

16 skincare products For everyone with dry skin, this vitamin-enriched night cream is a blessing. This affordable skincare product hydrates and moisturizes so you don’t wake up to annoying dry patches and parched skin. Give it a try!  Price: Rs 230. Buy it here.

17. Vedic Line Gold Ojas Serum

17 skincare products Serums are no doubt the best skin care products for glowing skin. Use this one on cleansed skin before using a moisturizer and see visible results. This affordable beauty will brighten dull skin up in no time!  P.S.: It’s formulated with gold dust! Price: Rs 240. Buy it here.

18. W2 Insta Glow Facial Kit

18 skincare products A complete at-home facial kit in less than 250 bucks? We’re in love! This affordable skincare kit contains a face wash, scrub, serum and gel to provide your skin with a radiant glow and to help get rid of pesky blackheads. Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

19. Olay Moisturizing Lotion Sensitive Skin

19 skincare products If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t react too well to chemicals and harsh products, then this is the best skincare product for you. We love the simple baby pink packaging too.  Price: Rs 210. Buy it here.

20. Juicy Chemistry Sweet Orange & Vanilla Bean Body Butter

20 skincare products A body butter is undeniably the best skincare product you can treat your skin with, in winters. This one melts onto your skin and it smells divine! Win-win!  Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

21. Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack

21 skincare products Show your skin some extra love and care with a good face pack. This one from Aroma Magic lightens pigmentation and removes impurities - and it’s suitable for all skin types!  Price: Rs 120. Buy it here.

22. The Faceshop Real Nature Shea Butter Face Mask

22 skincare products Shea butter is just about the best skincare product for dry skin. Soak up its goodness with this single-use sheet mask to give your a complexion a rejuvenating boost. Your skin will thank you! Price: Rs 80. Buy it here.

23. Khadi Sandalwood Face Pack

23 skincare products For instant skin brightening, use this excellent face pack from Khadi. You can mix it with rose water, plain water or even milk and apply it all over your face. Wash after 15 to 20 minutes and notice an instant glow.  Price: Rs 170 for a pack of 2. Buy it here.

24. Mond'Sub Cherry Brightening Facial Mask

24 skincare products The best skincare product for oily skinned beauties to balance sebum production and give them glowing skin. It’ll give your face an enviable glow.  Price: Rs 129. Buy it here.

25. Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm

25 skincare products (1) And finally, just before you step out, don’t forget to protect your lips with a good lip balm! After all, dry and chapped lips are a big no no! The Baby Lips range from Maybelline protects, softens and gives your lips just a hint of colour while at it and is highly affordable as well. It’s a definite must in every girl’s bag. Price: Rs 175. Buy it here. Which one of these affordable skincare products is your favourite? Featured Image: Shutterstock