9 Ways To Support Your Bestie Who's Had To Postpone Her Wedding Due To Coronavirus

9 Ways To Support Your Bestie Who's Had To Postpone Her Wedding Due To Coronavirus

The rising number of deaths due to coronavirus globally have caused panic and fear among people, and we can’t blame them. India has reached its Day-3 of nationwide lockdown and the COVID-19 cases are still increasing by the day. In such a situation, several couples are facing this impossible decision to either cancel or postpone their wedding. Since many would have been planning their shaadi for months, it is heartbreaking to postpone it. If your bestie too has had to rethink her wedding plans, you need to be with her right now and support her in every which way. 

Well, TBH, there’s nothing much you can do to improve the situation but you can surely help boost their spirits. 

1. Make Sure You Stay In Touch via FaceTime Or Calls

In this time of social distancing, video calls are a saviour. Take the effort of calling her regularly and even if she doesn't answer your calls, leave an encouraging text. She needs someone to talk to, to vent out to, so be there for her. 

2. Don’t Just Say ‘It’s Going To Be Okay’


‘It’s going to be okay’ is the last thing your friend would wanna hear ‘coz clearly, nothing will be okay anytime soon. With this huge decision of postponing the wedding, your friend probably has a lot on her mind right now. From managing the vendors to thinking about her deposits, she might be going crazy over how she will manage things. So, instead of saying it’s going to be okay, just try assuring her that you are there for her and you wish that things were different.

3. Don’t Forget About The Groom

Don’t forget to reach out to the groom. After all, it was his wedding too. Encourage the couple as ultimately, they are the ones who have to support each other in these tough times.

4. Do Something Special On ‘The’ Date


Even though your BFF has postponed her marriage, it doesn’t mean she and her fiancé will instantly forget the original wedding date. Honour the date by doing something special. For instance, you can organise a virtual party with close friends and their parents and pop open a bottle of champagne to respect the missed moment.

5. Do NOT Say Anything About Guests’ Inconvenience

Yes, the guests who were all set to fly in for the wedding might have to face some inconveniences as it got postponed but make sure that you do not bring this up in your conversation with your friend. She is already upset about her wedding and is feeling guilty enough about how it would affect the guests. 

6. You Won’t Be Able To Fix It And That’s Okay

As friends, we quickly jump into the ‘fix-it’ mode and try to do everything to make things right. BUT, in this case, you have to realise that there’s nothing you can do to fix it, and that’s totally okay. Just be there for your friend in this process and support her.

7. Let Her Vent Out Her Feelings


Venting out her frustration will help her, so actively listen and do NOT interrupt even if she starts blaming someone else for everything that’s going wrong. By not intervening, you are telling your friend that all her emotions are valid, no matter how unreasonable they are.

8. Do NOT Give Your Opinions Until She Asks For It

You might have so many opinions and suggestions to make but stop right there. With the situation she is in, the last thing she would need is a flood of opinions and advice.

9. Offer To Make Calls To Other Guests


As a friend, you can be very helpful with this. Offer to make calls to other guests to inform them about the postponement. By doing this, you will really be taking a big burden off of the couple. Also, instead of asking unnecessary questions, ask them what else you can do to help. 

Hope this helps you and your friend! <3

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