Not For The 'Gram: 8 Healthy & Simple Swaps I Made This Week

Not For The 'Gram: 8 Healthy & Simple Swaps I Made This Week

One of my New Year's resolution for 2020 was to make healthier life choices. It's been a slow process to get here, but you know what they say, right? Better late than never. I took up a personal challenge this week and made tiny tweaks to my existing lifestyle. Whether it was food, exercising, sleep or beauty, I swapped a habit that I labelled as 'unhealthy' and simplified it. In fact, these swaps are so easy and simple to do that even you're welcome to give them a shot! Let's go check 'em out!

Read A Book At Night Instead Of Playing With My Phone.

For almost all of 2019, I lived a pathetic digital life. All-day at work, I would be glued to my screen replying to emails and writing articles and at night, I would aimlessly be scrolling through my Instagram feed or watching movies on Netflix till the wee hours of the night. I changed that habit this week. Around 9:30-45, I would disconnect from my phone and after that, read a book. This has become a routine now. Read every night for 30-40 minutes until I fall asleep. 

Took The Stairs Instead Of The Lift

It's a tiny exercise that even you can start today! Choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator is itself a brave move. It helps raise your heart rate and burn those calories too. I've been doing this for a week now and tell you the truth, I'm thinking of making this a permanent habit from now onwards.

Walked To My Gym Instead Of Taking A Rickshaw

My house is like 10 minutes away from the gym. If it were a regular day, I would hop into a rickshaw and be there in 2 minutes. I did this for two reasons - one, it saved time, and two, you guessed right, I was lazy. This week, I decided to shake things up a bit. I decided to leave 20 mins before the gym class. Initially, it was a struggle to do this, but mid-week, things started to get better. Walking to the gym feels like a warm-up and once I'm there, I am pumped to do the impossible!

Ate Lunch At A Different Table Instead Of Eating At My Work Desk

I'm guilty of being a 'screenager'. Always moving from one screen to another, I never give my eyes rest and that's probably one of the reasons why I get frequent headaches. This week, I decided to do the impossible - I ate lunch at a different table instead of eating at my work desk. At the desk, I left my phone and laptop too. At first, the solitude made me feel awkward, but right now, I fear that I'm getting addicted to it.

Made My Own Lunch

I usually cook my breakfast and order my lunch from out. I often cheat with food. Guilty of ordering pizza, pasta, biryani at work. However, this week, I've decided to stick to a clean diet and make lunch at home. Simple stuff, but healthy home food like dal khichdi, bhindi fry, stir-fried veggies and egg curry. Where did I learn to cook, you ask? From the aunties on Youtube, of course! 

Less Makeup, More Skincare

As much as I love makeup, I have started to care about skincare just as much. Sticking to the 'Less is more rule' this week, I've found that my skin feels a lot fresher and energised when I don't apply too much makeup. My pores can breathe once again and I've kind of fallen in love with my complexion. There are blemishes, sunspots and tiny acne, but, it's part of me and deserves some love and attention too. Two of my skincare constants are - sunscreen and moisturiser. 

Meditated For 10 Minutes Before Work Every Day

This even you can do at home or while commuting to work. Mediating helps me feel calm, collected and ready for the day. If you find it tough to make your mind blank, just focus on your breathing. Close your eyes, take one big deep breath and repeat. Eventually, with time, you'll reach a zen state of mind. 

Traded Netflix For Family Time

After coming home from work, I would usually take a shower and eat in front of my laptop while watching TV series. This week, however, I put down the screen and spent time with my family. We ate dinner together, spoke about what's been happening in our lives and how discussed about the current news. I enjoyed every bit of it! If you don't live with family, you always call them up. I'm sure that hearing your voice itself will brighten their day. 

Easy, right? Which of these swaps are you tempted to try first?

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