#POPxoLucky2020: Plixxo Influencers Share Their New Year Resolutions

#POPxoLucky2020: Plixxo Influencers Share Their New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions are simply tiny promises you make to yourself to become a better person. More than making them, it's important to stick to them. Making resolutions might seem like the easiest thing in the world, what takes effort, dedication and a whole lot of self-control is to stick to your new year's resolutions. A piece of advice - stick to realistic goals. Don't make resolutions that are out of your reach. Take baby steps and then gradually, set a higher bar for yourself. 

Our Amazing Plixxo Influencers Share Their New Year Resolutions

For those who are having trouble making their resolutions for 2020, take a cue from our Plixxo influencers. 

Plixxo Influencer Shivesh Bhatia

"My resolution for 2020 is to spend more time with my PARENTS. I’ve promised myself to keep my phone away when I’m with them and just BE with them. You know what I mean?"

Plixxo Influencer Aakriti Rana

"This new year I want to read more books. I also wish to travel to some untouched places and create content which I truly love irrespective of the response I get. And lastly, I promise to spend more time with my close friends and family."

Plixxo Influencer Shanice Shrestha

"I want to be able to live my life to the fullest so I promise to travel much more than I did in 2019. Also, I want to push my self and set no limits to what I can do, so it’s my resolution to experiment without assumptions when it comes to my content. The last year, suffering from PCOD, managing my weight has been an issue, but I have seen tremendous changes in 2019, In 2020 I want to gift my self a fit body once again. I promise to work on these 3 things in 2020 and make my life much happier than it already is!"

Plixxo Influencer Rapper Maddy

"We are firmly moving ahead with the last year's resolution of helping bright students with studies and making sure that we help people in need. Yes, we aren’t a big organisation or a brand we are just some good hearts together trying to the best in the era of constant political kerfuffle and fiascos. I hope we can help more people in need. We would love to get more people aboard for it. Being connected to a lot of NGOs and good causes lets you know why we are required and why should we do it. All in all, help the ones who need it. I hope me doing these things will influence some more influencers, musicians to move in this path of kindness."

Plixxo Influencer Prarthana Jagan

"My New Year’s resolution is so to be more proactive when it comes to sustainability. I have been on full gear this year too but I want to make more improvements to food, the products I use and also my clothing. Here’s to a greener 2020!"

Plixxo Influencer Malvika Gupta

"My New Year Resolution is to be more mentally and physically healthy. I feel it’s important to focus on our mental health for happiness and get fit physically as well. I really wish a lot of people have the same resolution!"

Plixxo Influencer Vahbiz Dorabjee

"My new year resolution is to take care of my mind, soul and body. Be happy and peaceful first. Also at the same time, there are no shortcuts in life. I want to work on many more good projects and build an empire for myself"

Plixxo Influencer Anunay Sood

"My New Year Resolution has to be travel, travel and travel and tell stories through my lens."

Plixxo Influencer Nitibha Kaul

"My new year resolution would be to work on building not just my brand and scope of work but also building a strong sense of well being- through fitness and a quality lifestyle that can inspire my readers too!"

Plixxo Influencer Tanvi Takkar

"I’ve been working nonstop for so many years now and I have been unable to balance work and family. My priority has always been work and that’s why I have missed several family get-togethers and occasions since I live away from home. So other than starting a YouTube channel, I’m planning to give an equal amount of time to work and family. After all, work comes and goes but the family is evergreen! #resolution2020"

Here's wishing our Plixxo Influencers all the best for the New Year and hoping we all manage to live up to our resolutions!