#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Wedding Lehengas From 2019 That We Fell In Love With!

#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Wedding Lehengas From 2019 That We Fell In Love With!

Every wedding season brings with it new trends that we're so excited to see and bookmark. Brides look ethereal wearing lehengas that enhance their beauty and make them look like a dream come true. From getting their stories embroidered on their lehengas to wearing colour combinations you'd never expect to work, brides have really taken their bridal game up a notch.

In 2019, we got to see some gorgeous brides wear lehengas we could not take our eyes off. To inspire you, we've created a list of the best wedding lehengas we spotted this year. 

The Wedding Lehenga List You Need To Bookmark!

You'll want these even if you're not getting married anytime soon!

Look At Them Peacocks!

I'm a sucker for red wedding lehengas, as you will discover throughout the story, but this one with its peacock motifs just has my heart. It's the right mix of whimsical and traditional, making it perfect for a modern bride!

The Colour Combination That Has Our Hearts!

You cannot look away from this beautiful bride wearing colours I, personally, never thought could work. The dupatta just adds a necessary pop of colour to the outfit breaking the monotony. I totally dig!

The Subtle One

It's obvious that ace stylist Sanjana Batra would wear something head-turning to her wedding. She did not disappoint! How unique is this blush pink Anamika Khanna wedding lehenga that effortlessly transformed into a reception lehenga? It's on my list for sure!

The Classic

You can never go wrong with the traditional and classic red and gold lehenga especially if it is a Sabyasachi piece. The obvious choice if you love sticking to your roots! After all, it is a classic for a reason!

Maharani Feels

Look at just how regal this bride looks! Ditching the normal short blouse, she's chosen a velvet kurti to complement her lehenga. If you're not scared of breaking the rules of what a bride should or should not wear, this colour will look absolutely gorgeous. Plus, that kurti will keep you super warm if you're getting married on a cold winter night!

Old World Charm

Delhi's fashion queen, Pernia Qureshi got married this year in October so it was obvious that she would be on this list. Her lehenga, a family heirloom, was passed down to her mother from her grandmother. What a simple, brilliant and stunning way to make your wedding day even more special. Old is always gold!

The Rajasthani Look

Rajasthani brides, take note! Mohena Kumari, who happens to be the princess of Rewa, wore this gorgeous and traditional outfit for her royal wedding. Doesn't it look so elegant and graceful, almost like nothing can ruin her beauty and this moment?

Rosy Glow

Rose is in! This colour has been in trend for a while now and we do not regret it one bit. The fine marodi embroidery and stylized motifs make it a perfect wedding outfit - understated but one that'll make you stand out!

Ombre Effect

Okay hold on, have you ever seen a bride wearing this combination of colours with an ombre dupatta? I, for sure, haven't! But now that I've seen it, I cannot get over it! 

Painting A Beautiful Picture

While we've seen brides embroider their love stories on a lehenga, this bride just took it a step further. Inspired by a Pichhwai painting, the bride had the stunning views of the Mathura Ghats as it looked in the olden days embroidered on her lehenga. The cinnamon dupatta she has draped on her head perfectly complements the gold lehenga. And oh, that jewellery! 

The Ambani Factor

No list, when it comes to fashion or weddings, is complete without at least a single mention of the Ambanis. Shloka Mehta got married to the oldest Ambani son, Akash in this absolutely blinding number by Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla. If you had to define opulent with an outfit, it would be this lehenga!

A Daring Choice

What an unusual choice of colour for the wedding day, but it works spectacularly well. Kudos to this bride for pulling off colours that most brides wouldn't dare to wear! 

Of Reds & Pinks

Another hot favourite happens to be a red lehenga with a pink dupatta. The intricate floral embroidery, not overdone in any way, is the star of the show because of how subtle but well-placed it is. In my opinion, though, what makes the outfit even better is her jewellery!

Pop Of Colours

Blush pinks and nudes seem to be a crowd-pleaser but this bride took it up a notch by adding colourful embroidery to her nude shade lehenga. I'm honestly impressed by her choice of colours, especially the pastel green and blue!

White Is Right...

... but only in this case. White isn't a preferred colour because of the various superstitions attached to it but look how effortlessly beautiful this bride looks in her white lehenga. In case you didn't notice, there is a baraat embroidered on her outfit in gold. But you know the best part? The red dupatta on her all-white ensemble. 

Let's Veil It

While the lehenga is a classic red and gold one, the cherry on the cake is the dainty veil. Imagine walking down the aisle in your stunning red lehenga with a veil. Hits you right in the feels, doesn't it?

The Right Kind Of Blues

I've seen pastel blue sangeet or mehendi lehengas but I've rarely seen a wedding lehenga in this colour. And how adorable are the elephants embroidered on every kali? I'd buy it just for that!

A Flowery Affair

There is a possibility that when you looked at the photo, you were unable to look anywhere but at the red flowers in the bride's lehenga. The flower bouquet that is her lehenga is an inspiration for all brides who cannot settle on just one colour. 

Keep It Simple, Silly!

Having a day, beachside wedding and need something light and breezy that won't make you look out of place? This Abhinav Mishra piece is perfect for that setting. Also, your pretty pink lehenga against the clear blue skies would make for beautiful photos. 

Never Trailing Behind

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Just look at the trail on this one! The fully embroidered lehenga with an exquisite dupatta is what my expensive wedding dreams are made of. And like I always say, if done tastefully, no amount of embroidery is too much embroidery!

Tell us which ones are your favourite!

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