Here's How Your Boyfriend Will Propose To You Based On His Zodiac Sign!

Here's How Your Boyfriend Will Propose To You Based On His Zodiac Sign!

I have a feeling that you clicked on this article because you suspect that your man is going to pop the question soon. If that's the case, then I'm sure you're more concerned about how he is going to do it? Will he bring out the ring when you two are dining at a fancy restaurant or play it low-key and ask for your hand in marriage in the comfort of his own home? Let's turn to the stars to find out! 

Here's How Your Boyfriend Will Propose To You Based On His Zodiac Sign

Love is in the air, guys!


He will propose to you when you least expect it. The only thing you can be certain of is that his gesture will be grand and out of the box. You'll probably get proposed to when you're at a crowded club or going rock-climbing with him - he's spontaneous that way. I wouldn't be surprised even if he arranged a flash mob at the mall!



When it comes to proposing to his ladylove, The Taurus man drops hints. He will ask you plenty of marriage-related questions like, "How many kids do you want?" or "Do you think I'm husband material?" He does this to get clarity on whether you two are on the same page or not. Once all his doubts are cleared, expect the final question to be, "Will you marry me?"


The Gemini man is a commitment-phobe. It's tough to read him because he rarely speaks about his emotions. Even if he's serious about you, it will take him months just to decide whether he wants to propose to you at home, at a beach or at a restaurant. To save him from all the trouble, why don't you propose to him? He'll appreciate the fact that you made the first move. 



If a Cancerian man loves you, I'm sure he'll want to ask for your hand in front of his loved ones. They're family people and it's obvious that they want you to be a part of their sweet li'l family too. Also, it takes a lot for a Cancerian man to propose to someone. Remember that he won't just do it for the heck of it, he really is serious and you're extremely special to him. 


You're in a serious relationship with a Leo? Great! This charismatic man is going to profess his love for you in public. He enjoys the limelight and expects you to be in it too. He's going to ask for you to marry him when he's surrounded by a crowd. Expect him to mention it on a family holiday or on his birthday. Whatever be the case, he's going to choose a special occasion to announce the good news. 



You'll know your Virgo man is going to propose to you when he keeps his distance from you. He'll cut down on calls and texts. He'll be super busy planning the proposal. You may probably even get into a fight with him during this time. However, all your worries will be put to rest when he brings out the ring. 


The Libran man has a very classy approach to proposing. He'll keep it low-key and will propose to you in his apartment. His biggest fear is you turning him down. He has an ego to protect and hence, he feels he can only handle rejection if it's done in private. 



The Scorpio man takes romance to a whole new level. Creating the perfect ambience is his top priority. He will decorate the bed with rose petals, toss them into the bathtub as well, light some candles and put on soothing music. He wants you to get in the mood before he proposes to you. Expect wild, passionate sex after you say yes! *Wink* 


The Sagittarius man lives for adventure! His proposal won't be at a place like a restaurant, pub or at home. He'll do it in the woods or at a theme park! Imagine him popping the question when you're in a rollercoaster ride with him. Crazy, right? Well, he's all about surprises. 



Another sign that's not all about grand gesture is Capricorn. He's a realist in body, mind and soul. He's going to keep the proposal simple. When you guys are doing your regular night of Netflix and chill, he'll suddenly pull out a ring from his pocket and propose to you. 


The very act of proposing means so much to an Aquarius. They put in incredible thought into choosing their life partner. If it's you, then expect him to write you poetry, sing a song, or even put together a short ppt of the fun memories you two have made together. The proposal is going to be special and will come from a genuine place. 



Are you a fan of romcoms? Great! So is your Pisces man. You'll know he's going to propose by the tiny clues he drops. A bouquet of red roses delivered to your doorstep, a box of your favourite chocolates waiting for you at your work desk and a diamond ring in your champagne glass at dinner. The man is thoughtful and a pro in the game of love. 

It doesn't matter how he proposes, as far as you both love each other. But do share this with him, just as a hint, you know! 

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