It's All In The Stars: Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Will Handle Being Cheated On

It's All In The Stars: Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Will Handle Being Cheated On

Cheating can never be justified. Whatever be the reason, on no moral grounds is it fair to the other person. Cheating may give you your 5 minutes of pleasure, but it can take a lifetime to win your partner's trust again. If you have messed up, the best thing to do is own up to it and apologise. 

Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Will Handle Being Cheated On

Of course, it hurts, but how a person reacts to it depends a lot on their zodiac sign.  



Aries will burn you to the ground if you break their heart. They will cause you the same amount of pain as you did to them. You see, it takes guts for them to put a label on their relationship. If they did that for you and you betrayed them, they will make you pay for it. You can be sure that they will never return to your life again once they find out that just like Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, you're a big, big cheater! 


If you cheat on a Taurus, you have no heart. They're one of nicest and most lovable zodiac signs out there! For weeks, they will cry and try their best to call you up. If they're genuinely in love with you, they might ask for a second chance. Truth is, it's not them, it's you. Spare them the horror and move on with your life. It's for the best. 



Gemini women don't have it in them to forgive and forget easily. Once they get to know that you've cheated, they will immediately draw a line between you and them. They will not pick up your calls, not respond to your messages, or react to your puppy face. It's over for good. They go under an extreme transformation post-breakup. They will dress up, look drop-dead gorgeous and even get into a new relationship in the span of a week. It feels as if they're a new person altogether!


Cancerians won't be able to digest the fact that you stuck your tongue into someone else's mouth. They want to believe it's all one big lie, but sadly it isn't. They go under this depression spiral and there's almost nothing you can do to save them. The best thing to do is stay away from them at this time. Allow the process of healing to take place.



Leos have an ego to protect. If you did the dirty, they're not the ones to keep quiet about it. They will call up your parents, close friends and even your colleagues, to tell them what a heartless piece of sh*t you've become. Don't even bother trying to get back with them. Even if you do win their heart again, things will never be the same. The damage is already done. 


Virgos will kill you with silence and kindness. They hate making scenes out of things, however, if cornered, they will bite. The best way to handle the situation is to leave things the way they are and see where it goes. There's no point in crying over spilt milk, right? 



One thing to love about Libras is their ability to rationalise. They will approach the situation from a third person's perspective and then take a call if they want to be with you or not. If you two have a strong connection, chances are, they will take you back. 


Scorpios are hella sexy and confident about themselves. 'Revenge' also happens to be their middle name if you throw their heart on the floor and stamp on it. They find cheating disrespectful and will ways to make you feel guilty about yourself after the dirty deed is done. If I were you, I'd run away and never return. 



Saggitarius peeps will take you back after cheating only to break your heart later. They want to give you a taste of your own medicine. They'll make sure that they destroy your self-esteem with guilt and sorrow. Sometimes, it's better to leave the glass broken rather than hurting yourself by trying to put the pieces together. 


Cheated on a Capricorn? Good! You've lost them for good. No matter how strong of a bond you share with them, they will break it and move on. Sometimes, it feels like they never had feelings for you in the first place. Yep, that's how quickly they can forget you. 



They will happily cut ties with you and look for love elsewhere. Aquarius can tolerate white lies, rude behaviour, even namecalling, BUT, cheating?! Forget about it. They'll make sure that you go through such a challenging phase that at the end of the day, it's them who has the last laugh. 


Pisces want to believe that you're the innocent one here. They want to believe that none of your actions were intentional. They want to believe that the relationship still has hope. Unfortunately, your actions force them to think otherwise. It will, in fact, take them years to heal from this mess. You really shouldn't have cheated on them in the first place. 

'Love' is so much more than a word. And do you know what's the sexiest quality in a partner today? LOYALTY. 

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