9 Important College Experiences You Need To Have 'Coz You Only Live Once!

9 Important College Experiences You Need To Have 'Coz You Only Live Once!

Starting college life, no matter how excited you are, it can be scary. But once you leave your rule-bound school life, you will have so many new things to discover. New people, new rules, new experiences and a lot more make this ride absolutely unforgettable! While it is a much-awaited day for some, it may be dreaded by the others but all in all, trust me, your entire college journey will be an unforgettable roller coaster ride!

So, my darling college-goers, enjoy these little moments while you can because when you look back, they will actually be the most memorable days of your life! Here are a few college things that you should definitely not miss out on.

1. Azaadii!

When you have the luxury to not follow the rules, you enjoy it and once you get this feeling after almost 14 years of following rules in school, you simply love it! Well, it feels great to be able to do exactly the opposite of what you did in school. From travelling on your own to wearing a new outfit every day (or not), your new-found independence is something you will definitely enjoy!

2. Fests, fests, fests and more fests!

What makes your college days absolutely amazing is the fact that there are so many festivals and extracurricular activities that will suddenly fill up your calendar. It isn’t just the best time to meet new people but also a great time to see talented people do their thing. Fests are the best part of your college time and you know what? Participating in these events will give you a chance to meet and interact with new people which will always open new opportunities. Guess what? They happen very often!

3. Societies societies!

Dance, drama, music and masti! College life is all about exploring your talents. These college societies and programs will not only help you get your mind off studies and lectures but will also give you a chance to interact with more people in your college...and outside! *wink*.

One such opportunity is Tinder U which includes a really fun campus ambassador program and activations at all leading college fests through the year. Tinder U is an exclusive community of college students across India who are looking to interact with each other, get first-hand marketing experience while they’re at it to make the most of their college years.

4. Walk it like you talk it!

After 14 years of wearing the same school uniform, it is going to be quite interesting to experiment with new clothes every day. So, put your best foot forward in college and enjoy this phase of discovering your own style!

5. Honey, get the extra money!

College time is not only time to have fun but also to earn some extra moolah. So, it’s best to utilise those summer breaks to get some extra cash and a lot of new experiences. This is the only time you can gain experience and not stress a lot about it, so it’s best to make the most of it!

6. Ready, steady, plan…

One minute you are standing in front of your college and next minute you are out on a road trip to Murthal. Your college time is the only time when you will get the luxury to do this. College life is full of impromptu plans and we all know how amazing these plans can be!

7. Love is in the air?

College time is the best time to meet new people, make friends, date and have so many new experiences with all of these people. So it’s the best time to download Tinder and Super Like that hot senior you’ve crushed on for so long. So, what are you waiting for? Get swiping and start your own college romance :)

8. Know that you will eventually figure it out…

College is also a time to try things, make mistakes and learn from them. But don’t take too much pressure,  because you’ll eventually figure it out! We all do no matter what. Just be open to new experiences, people, opportunities and always remember to have fun and make the most of these days because they will never come back :)   

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