8 Good, Bad And Ugly Things That Only Your Ex Will Teach You!

8 Good, Bad And Ugly Things That Only Your Ex Will Teach You!

As painful as it may sound, a breakup will always hurt. It will tear you down and pull you apart but in the middle of this, there are so many things you will definitely learn. Learning never stops and you know what they say, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” So, while being strong is that one thing you learn, you also learn a lot of lessons that you will remember through life. After a few years, when you look back, you know that the good, bad and the ugly have shaped you and made you who you are today. You’ll learn this and so much more when you part ways with someone. Read on to know the things that only an ex-lover can teach you.

1. Better things lie ahead of you

No matter what you’re going through right now, know that great things await you as you move forward. Life is full of surprises and they will find you no matter what you’re going through today. Have faith and keep going… 

2. You are so much more than just your relationship

Your relationship might have been the most important thing in your life at one point, but know that it does not define you. You have to value yourself and know that your job, your family, your friends and most importantly ‘you’ are what makes your life complete. Don’t ever mistake your relationship or your past to be your be-all-end-all.

3. Focusing on the present is so much better than focusing on the future

You know what they say - “today is a gift.” You need to focus on what you have today in order to build a great future. Yes, it’s hard but definitely not impossible. Missing that boy? Call them girls! They will tell you how loved you are. You know, it’s that easy.

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4. You are important

If you’ve decided to act a certain way, don’t be sorry, girl. This is who you are. Sure, you should work on yourself and make yourself better each day but don’t ever think that it was your fault. Your ex, in the long run, will teach you this crucial lesson. You and everything that you do for yourself is that one gift you need to give yourself! Don’t be sorry.

5. You are your own best friend

Sometimes, when life brings you down, you pull yourself up. Sometimes, no matter how much our friends and family love us, they simply just can’t do what we can do for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, but know that you are your own best friend and what you can do for yourself, no one else can. 

6. Communication is the key

Talk… Once a relationship ends, you realise that one thing you probably didn’t do was talk to each other. About everything and anything. You realise that there is only one key that opens all doors in any kind of relationship: communication. You will learn to communicate better. With yourself and with others.

7. You are not defined by your lover

Dear girl, he may be the best thing in your life but he still does not define who you are. He will never be able to! Not just him, no relationship, job, friend or boss can define who you are and what you do. Once you realise that, you’re invincible!

8. What has happened in the past will not define what happens in the future

So what if it didn’t work out? Does that define who you will be with in the future? No. Does that guarantee love? No. But does that make it all worthwhile? YES! Know that there is a happy ending for everyone and know that there is a light at the end of every tunnel. Know that you’re a brave and strong, girl.

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