10 Restaurants In Delhi To Treat The Homesick, *Bhukkad* Bengali In You

10 Restaurants In Delhi To Treat The Homesick, *Bhukkad* Bengali In You

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there’s no one as passionate about food as the Probashi Bengali. This is why living away from home is quite a challenge for Bongs because their hearts are back home- in a plate full of Ilish Maach, Begun Bhaja and Luchi. Well, no Chole Bhature, Momos and Shwarmas can satiate their cravings for home-cooked Bangla food. No not even Rajma Chawal, Dilliwalahs!

If you are a Bengali living far away from home and you occasionally crave for a dose of Kosha Mangsho and Dal Aloo Bhaja, then visit these restaurants in the capital for a taste of authentic Bengali cuisine.

10 Restaurants That Serve Scrumptious Bengali Food In Delhi.

Let the Fish Fry and Rui Curry do its magic!

Maa Tara


If food is what fancies you more than the ambience, then this is the place for you. Order their Rohu Fry, Chingri Sorisa or Doi Maach (worry not, they serve bhaat in large quantities!) and we bet you are going to love every bit of it.

Where: Market 2, Chittaranjan Park

Must Try: Kosha Mutton, Raw Posto Gravy, Chicken Biryani

Price For Two: Rs 500

Contact: +91 9999431395, 011 26277029

Oh! Calcutta


Go for their buffet if you want to experience the elaborate Bengali meal and enjoy it with the soothing Robindro Songeet in the background. They also have amazing Bhapa Ilish, Daab Chingri and Cholar Dal that tastes incredible with luchis.

Where: Opposite Satyam Cinema, Nehru Place

Must Try: Sorse Ilish, Kosha Mangsho, Beguni

Price For Two: Rs 1900

Contact: 011 26464182, +91 9310149806

Madly Bangalee Restaurant


All the Bengalis out there, this is your ultimate destination for some finger-lickin' Shutki Maach. The combination of their quirky ambience beautifully sketched walls and their signature First Class Railway Mutton Curry makes for an awesome treat!

Where: Chittaranjan Park

Must Try: Daab Chingri, Rohu Jhol

Price For Two: Rs 650

Contact: +91 8287195998

City Of Joy


If their Chicken Rezala is not reason enough to hop into this eatery, let me give you another- they procure their fish and spices right from Bengal! Don’t forget to try their Diamond Fish Fry with Amsotto Khejur Chutney.

Where: Aravali Shopping Complex, Alaknanda

Must Try: Luchi and Kosha Mangsho, Mochar Ghonto, Posto Narkel Bora

Price For Two: Rs 1000

Contact: +91 8800348633, 011 46109191

Kolkata Biryani House


One of the very few places in the capital that serve authentic Kolkata style Biryani- with boiled potatoes and eggs! Not a Biryani lover? Try their Mughlai menu (Kolkata style) that includes the lip-smacking Chicken Rezala, Mutton Chaap and Mutton Kosha!

Where: Sector 43, Gurgaon

Must Try: Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Fish Fry

Price For Two: Rs 500

Contact: 0124 4269697, +91 9910807697

Ki Hangla!


Move over Kathi Rolls because Ki Hangla’s veg and non-veg rolls are the real gems! Vegetarians can hog on their extensive menu of Shorshe Begun, Aloo Posto, and Sukto. Non-vegetarians don’t worry because you can dial in for their Mutton Kasha and Dhakai Methi Chicken.

Where: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Must Try: Amish Fish Thali, Bhetki Sorsha, Sweet Tomato Chutney

Price For Two: Rs 800

Contact: +91 9958483355, 0124 4007822

Chatpata Bong


Authentic flavours of Bengal and fresh ingredients are the two specialities of this small takeaway joint. From Luchi Aloo, to Chicken Ghugni and Jhinga Aloo Posto to Chicken Kausa, you can satiate your cravings here with their extensive Bengali menu.

Where: Sector 7, Dwarka

Must Try: Radha Ballavi Tarkari, Kaunsa Murgi, Tandoori Pomfret

Price For Two: Rs 500

Contact: +91 9999298755, 011 65182003

My Spice Kitchen


Bringing the most authentic and delectable Bengali flavours to gourmets, this restaurant is your one-stop destination for Bengali food in Delhi. Right from their Macher Jhol to Chingri Malai Curry, the food here will remind you of mom’s home-cooked food.

Where: Market 1, Chittaranjan Park

Must Try: Shorshe Maach, Bengali Dum Chicken Biryani

Price For Two: Rs 600

Contact: 00 1149054575, 00 1141077575

Wow! Calcutta


When the cravings for Begun Bhaja and Kosha Maangsho get out of hand, drop by at this eatery that’s specially designed for the Probashis. Finish your meal with a good ol’ bowl of Mishti Doi that hits just the right spots.

Where: Near Akash Hospital, Malviya Nagar

Must Try: Prawn Bhaja, Rui Sorshe

Price For Two: Rs 700

Contact: +91 8130334977

Lavaash By Saby


Adding a twist to your regular Bengali dishes, Lavaash By Saby is a melange of Bengali and Armenian style of cooking. That gives you an exotic menu that is nothing short of delightful. Food connoisseurs are head over heels in love with their fusion specialities- Eggplant Tolma, and My Egg Devil

Where: Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli

Must Try: Mutton Rezala, Kabiraji Cutlet, Imperial Calcutta Cheese Platter

Price For Two: Rs 2000

Contact: 011 66103790

Well, the Bengalis know that if there's a heaven on earth, it’s here *pointing towards a plate of Luchi and Cholar Dal*

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