These 28 Pattu Blouse Designs Are All You Need To Rock A Desi Look

These 28 Pattu Blouse Designs Are All You Need To Rock A Desi Look

When we speak of a traditional outfit that charms us, the image of a saree instantly comes to mind. From the popular Banarasi saree to the famous Kanjeevaram, there are plenty of latest saree designs & stuff that you may choose from in order to make a mark. Pattu is another such type of saree known for its craftsmanship and intricate work it features. The word pattu comes from Tamil and translates to silk. Which is apt, since Pattu sarees are silk sarees from South India; beautiful and traditional offerings which you may wear in a conventional setting. 

What Is Pattu

Another name for south silk, Pattu is a popular handloom silk majorly worn in parts of South India. For someone looking for authentication of the popular saree, pure mulberry silk threads made with gold-coated silver zari are the constituents of a true pattu. And no, it's not just of one kind. Samudrika pattu, Parampara pattu, Vastrakala pattu, Vasundhara pattu and Uppada pattu make up the popular pattu sarees known for their texture and shine. Apart from sarees, the technique is also seen in dupattas and dresses. 

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Best Pattu Blouse Designs For Sarees

A saree isn't really complete without a blouse, is it? No matter how elegant or stylish your saree is, it is important to pay equal attention to your blouse too. Keeping in mind some stylish designs that go well with your pattu saree, we bring to you the best pattu blouse designs for sarees. Incorporating important factors such as colour, embroidery, and other design elements, these fashionable blouses are bound to add that extra bit of style to your saree.

Based On Colour

When it comes to colour, there are endless possibilities of pattu blouse designs for sarees that you may include in your traditional wardrobe. Shades of pink, green, blue and purple incorporating both darker colours and pops of bright hues are popular in pattu blouses. Pair a dark coloured pattu blouse with your ivory saree, or if you are someone who likes to keep it vibrant, go all out with a bright coloured saree and pattu blouse to match. 

Pink Pattu Blouse With Gold Placement Motifs


Image source

For the girls who like to keep things bright, a pink-hued pattu blouse forms a great option. Pair your vibrant blouse with your multihued saree and be the center of attention.  

Dark Green Pattu Blouse With Cold-Shoulder Details


Image source

This dark green pattu blouse with elegance to spare is all you need to create an emphasis in your look. Team it with a traditional Kasavu saree, immensely popular and found abundantly in Kerala.

Neon Green Pattu Blouse With Border Detail 


Image source

Not for the fainthearted, a neon look is bound to create a colour infused look. Choose to wear a neon green pattu blouse like featured here, as you pick from the best pattu blouse designs for sarees. 

Purple Pattu Blouse With Silver Details


Image source

Another colour of interest that gives a regal feel is purple. Whether you wear it with a plain saree or an intricate one, it's sure to uplift your look instantly. 

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Bright Pink Pattu Blouse With Border Details


Image source

Play with hues of pink by incorporating it in your blouse as well as your saree. Opt for a solid coloured pink pattu blouse and an ombre or multicoloured saree for the best effects. 

Based on Embroidery

Embroidery plays a vital role in uplifting any outfit and the same is true when picking from the best pattu blouse designs for sarees. Sure, an overall embroidery might not entice you, but there is always some not too OTT placement embroidery to elevate your outfit! Small motifs that are scattered, an element of embroidery in a single part of the sleeve, and a single intricate embroidery motif are powerful elements that can make your outfit even more breathtaking. If you are more of the 'go big or go home' philosophy, rest assured, for overall embroidery too, is available in pattu blouse designs for sarees. 

Overall Embroidered Pattu Blouse With Border Details


Image source: Instagram

An especially viable option for brides looking for a gorgeous wedding trousseau is the overall embroidered pattu blouse design. Opt from dainty florals, geometric patterns and singular motifs while picking a pattu blouse to include in your bridal outfit. Additionally, you can also pick a blouse which features border details. 

Embroidered Sleeve Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

If you would rather opt for something neither too OTT nor too simple, an embroidered sleeve pattu blouse design could be a perfect choice. Not only will the emphasis remain on your saree, but the embroidered sleeve will also create a fashionable balance in your look.

Neck And Sleeve Embroidered Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

Another interesting design element to opt for is the neck and sleeve embroidered pattu blouse design, which uplifts your traditional outfit without overpowering it. As seen in the featured image, a bit of embroidery on the cap of the sleeve makes a great impact, instantly changing the look of your outfit. 

Overall Embroidered Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

Maximalists may rejoice, for we have yet another offering that will be on the top of your OTT lists. For your bridal trousseau, team an overall embroidered blouse with your subtle saree, rounding off the look with heavy jewellery to match. 

Floral Embroidered Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

Floral appliques and embroidery is never NOT in fashion, reason enough for you to shop one and flaunt it with equal ease. Choose a gold, floral embroidered blouse as pictured above or go for a more subtle effect with the help of a darker colour, wearing it to your friend's Sangeet or wedding. If you are looking for some Sangeet-worthy outfits, get all the info you need right here!

Based on Sleeves

Ever thought of elevating your sartorial style by picking a stylish sleeve that makes a difference? As is with the various types of tops, blouses also feature a number of sleeve types which you can work to your advantage. Take a look at the types of sleeves in pattu blouses which are all about the 'dress to impress' factor. 

Puffed Sleeve Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

A lil' bit of sleeve emphasis never hurt anyone, right? One look at the puffed sleeve pattu blouse design will make you want to get it in your wardrobe ASAP. The emphasised sleeves are best worn with a saree that is on the simple side, think an ivory saree with a patterned border or a monchrome saree with tone-on-tone detailing. 

 Flared Sleeve Pattu Blouse Design


Image source: Instagram

Sleeve problem? Make it flared! The flared sleeve is undoubtedly a fashionable approach for anyone looking for a distinct look. With smart motifs and detailing that is in sync, a flared sleeve pattu blouse design is a great pick if you have a traditional yet unconventional outfit on your mind.  

Full Sleeve Pattu Blouse Design


Image source:Instagram

Let's face it - long sleeves are classy and look extremely elegant when paired with sarees. That being said, long sleeved or full sleeved pattu blouses look great and can be worn with ease in a formal setting. 

Cap Sleeve Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

Come summer, the need to keep cool overtakes everything else, and what could be better than a utility-inspired yet fashionable blouse that does the trick? While looking for the best in pattu blouse designs, choose cap sleeved pattu blouses that are in sync with your saree. 

Based on Back Design

You know how a back/backless design just makes your outfit look a bit out there and EXTRA in a good way? To help you make a sartorial statement that will make everyone take notes, we got the perfect back designs for your pattu blouse. Trust us when we say that you will want them all now!

Cloth Tie-Up Pattu Blouse Design


Image source: Instagram

A plunging back is enough to create an element of interest as it is, and with a cloth tie-up detail in place, it's even more glam! A bow detail or even a simple tie-up detail is more than enough to make all those heads turn. While looking for the best pattu blouse designs, either pick a back detailed pattu blouse or get one customised according to your fancy. 

U-Shaped Back With Tie-Up Detail Pattu Blouse Design


Image source: Instagram

An inverted U-shaped backless blouse is bound to go well with your saree, so next time you are looking for a stylish pattu blouse design, make your way to something along the lines of this one. 

V-Shaped Backless Pattu Blouse Design


Image source: Instagram

A scooped V-neck is the best, isn't it? Pick a plunging back pattu design to go with your saree, giving in to beads, scallop details at the borders and prints to switch up your saree game. 

Backless Pattu Blouse Design With Single Strap


Image source: Instagram

If you are one to go fuss-free, we urge you to choose the backless pattu blouse design, featuring a single strap. All the design elements such as embroidery or print in such designs are in the front of the blouse, making the bareback a great option. Go on then, flaunt it as you like!

Back Zipper Pattu Blouse Design With Embroidery


Image source

Wearing a blouse is no mean feat. There are all those hooks and buttons and whatnot that make it quite a task. A zipper, however, is a cool option that functions on the utility to make your life a lot easier. Opt for a back zipper in a pattu blouse in order to keep comfortable and stylish. 

Based On Neck Design

Looking for something that's a bit different to make an indelible mark? A stylish neck design in your pattu blouse could be what you are looking for! From plunging necklines to embellished borders and intricate details and collars in the neck, find out how you can elevate your look with a smashing neck design in your pattu blouse. 

Square Neck Pattu Blouse Design


Image source

When it comes to picking great neck designs in blouses, square necklines are highly popular and take the cake. Not only is it simple and sober, but it is also stylish and best for a minimal appeal. 

Wavy Pattu Blouse Design


Image source: Instagram

Take a plunge if you wish with the help of a wavy neck pattu blouse design. The curvilinear design element only uplifts the chic appeal of your blouse, and if shopping for best pattu blouse designs is on your wishlist, you should definitely check this one out. 

Round High Neck Pattu Blouse Design


Image source: Instagram

Elegant, subtle and smart, the round high-neck pattu blouse design is just perfect for formal settings, work appearances and even events if a minimal allure is more of your thing. Added embellishment, embroidery and surface design is bound to further uplift the look of your blouse, making for a striking appearance. 

Pattu Blouse Maggam Work Designs

Intricate and lying on the heavier side, Maggam work is befitting for brides to be worn on their wedding day. It was done only on silk in earlier times, but now, maggam work is popularly used on many types of blouses. Pattu blouse maggam work designs involve beads, heavy embroidery and in some cases, also net. Take a look at some of the pattu blouse maggam work designs below. 

Pattu Blouse Maggam Work Design On Sleeve


Image source

As stated earlier, the detailing on sleeves of your blouse is a good way to uplift your style. Opt for pattu blouse maggam work design on the sleeves for a chic update. 

Pattu Blouse Maggam Work Design On Back


Image source: Instagram

Something along the likes of this heavy embroidery blouse will definitely be the winning outfit wherever you go. Wear a heavy pattu blouse maggam work design to a wedding or a related function. 

Pattu Blouse Maggam Work Design With Bead Details


Image source: Instagram

If you are someone who isn't too inclined towards heavy details, opt for something like the pattu blouse maggam work design featured here. These minimal yet classy beads with gold accents are sure to elevate your sartorial style. 

Tips To Style Pattu Blouses


Image source: Instagram

1. Experiment with varied designs before deciding on the pattu blouse you wish to pair with your saree. Nothing like a tried and tested outfit, right?!

2. Make sure that your jewellery goes along with the attire, and also with your blouse. Pick accents in gold if there is gold work on your blouse. 


Image source: Instagram

3. Drape your saree to bring out the best of your blouse, choosing a draping style that does not completely overpower your pattu blouse design. 

4. Mix and match colours for a vibrant approach as you make heads turn. 

5. There is nothing worse than a blouse with a bad fit. Get your fittings done well before the event where you are slated to wear the saree, so that your blouse is ready in time.  


Image source

6. The length is important! Stay away from too high or too low blouses that are bound to not look good. 

7. Avoid too many safety pins as you drape your pallu over your blouse. Too many of them sticking out might steal attention away from your outfit. 

8. Also important is to mind the length of the pallu. A lengthy pallu might draw attention away from your outfit, and also from the pattu blouse you choose to wear.  

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